Do Disney Resorts Really Provide Pool Towels? Uncovering The Truth


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In summertime nothing beats spending time at the pool at a Disney resort! Though, poolside relaxation comes at a price: towels. But do Disney resorts provide them?

Yes, Disney resorts provide pool towels for guests. Guests at all Disney Resort hotels have access to complimentary towels which they can pick up at areas marked Towel Issue Bins. After using the towels, guests are asked to return them to the designated Towel Return Bins.

While it’s never a bad idea to come prepared with your own towel (as long as it’s any other color than white), you may be happy to hear that the Disney resorts offer complimentary pool towels.

But what about the water parks?

Is there any charge for using towels?

Where can you get pool towels?

Can you bring your own?

I’ll discuss which resorts provide pool towels, what type of towels they offer, how it’s different than the way things work at the water parks and what’s available to you while staying at a Disney Resort.

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Availability of Complimentary Pool Towels

One of our favorite parts of any Disney trip is being able to relax and have fun by the pool after a long day exploring in the parks – the pools themselves are an attraction all their own!

One of the best parts about visiting the resort pools, aside from all the fun you can have there, is that you towels, because Disney provides complimentary towels for guests both at the pool side in addition to their rooms.

The challenge is that Disney’s towels are a bit on the smaller side, so if you require something bigger, then you can always pack it beforehand. I’m a big guy so I always grab 2 or 3 while at the pool just for me. But other than that, it’s great to have towels available for you right there at the pool so you don’t have to worry about carrying towels from your room.

Disney Resort hotel guests are able to access free towels at Towel Bins located around the pool area. When it is time to leave the pool, all you have to do is put your used towels in the Towel Return Bins so that they can be collected and cleaned for future guests. The bins are easy to find and clearly labeled, making it quick and straightforward for everyone to return their towels. All of these services are included in the price of your stay at Disney Resort hotels.

This system relieves guests of the burden of carrying wet or dirty towels home or packing new ones for each trip. Just don’t forget to pack a swimsuit when you go!

Additional Pool Amenities

The Disney Resort hotels provide towels for all their pools, so you will always have something to dry off and warm up with after a swim. If, for some reason, you do not see any towels at a “quiet” pool, then all you have to do is head over to the feature pool and pick out some there.

We always plan a day of our stay to spend at the pool. My wife and daughter absolutely love it – they could stay there all day long. We’ve also spent many evenings at the pool cooling off and enjoying some night swimming after a long day at the parks. It’s so nice to take a break from the heat of Florida and cool off in our hotel’s pool!

If your group includes young travelers, be sure check out what fun activities are being offered at your hotel’s pool each day. There are games, movies in the evenings and all kinds of activities lead by cast members which kids can participate in which is both fun and great way for meeting new friends while on vacation, and give the parents a little adult time.

Water Park Towels

Towels in the water parks work a little differently.

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, then beach towels are complimentary when you visit the Walt Disney World water parks.

If you staying at an off-property hotel then beach towels will be available for rent. Rental towels run around $2.00 per towel but keep in mind prices are subject to change at any time.

However that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your own towels from home! Using your own beach style towels can make it easier to spot your chairs since most of the towels laid out will be the ones provided by the water park. I typically like to bring two towels just because I like to have one to dry off with throughout the day and then a clean one to freshen up with when I am leaving the water park.

As with everything that is Disney, there are going to be options for you to purchase your own beach towels at the water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. In addition, at various Disney theme parks, and resort gift shops, you can find large Disney themed beach towels to take home.

These beach towels come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns, offering bright designs featuring favorite characters or iconic Disney images. Prices for the towels range from $25 to $30 or more each. Not only are the beach towels great souvenirs for yourself, but they make excellent gifts for family and friends back home. The quality of the material these beach towels are made from is soft, absorbent and very durable so they will last a long time – perfect for heading to the pool or taking a trip to the beach!

Is there any charge for using the towels at the pool?

There is no additional charge for the towels provided at the Disney World resort hotels, except for the previously mentioned stipulation regardingDisney water parks, that’s a different conversation.

As mentioned earlier, if you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, then beach towels are complimentary when you visit the Walt Disney World water parks. If you are staying at an off-property hotel then beach towels will be available for rent. Rental towels run around $2.00 per towel but keep in mind prices are subject to change at any time.

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