Blizzard Beach Water Park Itinerary Plan: Your Guide to a Perfect Day

Welcome to Blizzard Beach, a unique water park at Walt Disney World in Florida. This winter-themed oasis blends the thrill of a snowy ski resort with the warmth of the Florida sun, offering fun for all ages. Imagine racing down Summit Plummet, one of the tallest water slides in the world, or floating leisurely along Cross Country Creek. Here is your guide to planning the perfect itinerary for your visit, ensuring you make the most of every moment. With a variety of attractions, dining options, and meticulous theming, Blizzard Beach promises an unforgettable adventure where frosty fun meets tropical relaxation. Enjoy the perfect day in this snowy paradise!

Welcome to Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach is a water park with a unique theme, located at Walt Disney World in Florida. It offers a playful winter-themed setting that juxtaposes the normally warm Florida climate with the chill of a snow-covered ski resort. Imagine snowy slopes with the excitement of a water park, designed for family-friendly fun and adventure.

Attractions Overview:

  • Summit Plummet: an exhilarating free-fall waterslide.
  • Slush Gusher: a speed slide with two hills to amplify the fun.
  • Toboggan Racers: an eight-lane slide where you race downhill head-first.


  1. Operating Hours: Check the up-to-date schedule as it varies.
  2. Tickets: Purchase in advance or at the water park entrance.
  3. Attire: Wear appropriate swimwear; life vests available without a fee.

Remember to apply sunscreen throughout your visit to Blizzard Beach. Hydration is key; stay refreshed with available drinks and dining options. Locker rental is advisable to secure your belongings while you enjoy the park’s attractions. For immediate support, locate a park map or ask a cast member for assistance.

Exploring Blizzard Beach, you’ll notice the careful attention to theming, from the ‘melting snow’ to the ‘ski lifts’ that transport you between slides. After experiencing the attractions, you can relax on the white-sand beaches or float along the lazy river, Cross Country Creek.

Enjoy your stay at this snowy paradise, where the frosty aesthetics of winter meet the thrills of a water park adventure.

Planning Your Visit

To maximize your enjoyment at Blizzard Beach, familiarize yourself with ticket options, operating hours, and the park’s layout before your visit.

Tickets and Pricing

Purchase your tickets well in advance to secure your spot, especially during peak times. The water park offers various ticket types, including a single-day pass and add-on options like the Park Hopper Plus, which allows access to multiple parks, and the Water Park and Sports Option, giving you entry to other exciting venues.

  • Single-Day Ticket: Starts at a base cost, varying by season.
  • Park Hopper Plus Option: Additional cost on top of a regular park ticket for multi-park access.
  • Water Park and Sports Option: Alternative add-on for more activity variety.

Prices are subject to change, and discounts may be available for advance purchases. Check the official website for current pricing information.

Hours of Operation

Verify the park hours, as they vary seasonally and can affect your planning. Typically, the park opens at 10 AM and closes at 5 PM. Extended hours may be available during peak season or special events.

  • Operation hours are subject to unexpected changes, such as weather.
  • Consider arriving early to avoid queues and secure a good spot.

Refer to the Blizzard Beach calendar on their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Park Maps and Layout

Study the park map in advance to navigate Blizzard Beach with ease. The map provides locations of attractions, dining options, and facilities.

  • Maps are available online and at the park entrance.
  • Highlight key attractions and services you prioritize.

Mapping out a route can save time and ensure you experience your must-see rides and amenities.

Getting to Blizzard Beach

Before you plan your day at Blizzard Beach, understanding your transportation options and parking facilities is crucial.

Transportation Options

Disney World offers a variety of transportation services for guests. If you’re staying at a Disney Resort such as Coronado Springs Resort, you can take advantage of the complimentary bus service that will drop you off at the gates of Blizzard Beach. Check the resort’s transport schedule for bus timings.

  1. Disney Resort Guests: Complimentary bus transportation is available from all Disney resorts to Blizzard Beach.
  2. Public Transportation: Local bus services operate in the area, but may require transfers and additional walking.
  3. Ride Services: Taxis and rideshare options such as Uber and Lyft are available to take you directly to the water park.

Parking Information

At Blizzard Beach, parking is conveniently close to the entrance. Here’s what you need to know:

  • General Parking: Free parking is available for all guests visiting Blizzard Beach, making it easily accessible whether you’re a resort guest or not.
  • Disabled Parking: Designated parking areas are available for guests with disabilities, located near the park entrance for easy access.

Attractions Overview

Blizzard Beach Water Park offers a mix of exhilarating thrill rides, family-friendly experiences, and dedicated children’s play areas. Each attraction provides unique entertainment, perfectly suited to different age groups and thrill levels.

Thrill Rides

Summit Plummet stands as one of the tallest and fastest free-fall body slides in the world. Prepare to feel the rush as you plunge down a 12-story drop at speeds that can reach up to 60 miles per hour. Following Summit Plummet, Slush Gusher, a slightly less intense option, still sends you down twin humps, generating exciting air time. For competitive fun, Downhill Double Dipper, another high-speed waterslide, pits you against another racer in side-by-side tubes. Toboggan Racers, on the other hand, invites you to slide head-first on a mat down an 8-lane, 250-foot water slide.

Family-Friendly Experiences

Teamboat Springs is one of the world’s longest group whitewater raft rides that you and your whole family can enjoy together. The journey is full of twisting turns and refreshing splashes, making it a perfect bonding experience. Additionally, Runoff Rapids presents you with three different flumes, each offering a unique sliding experience with one of them being in the dark. For those looking to enjoy a more relaxed descent, Snow Stormers is a trio of flume slides that beckons you to race down on your stomach, navigating its switchback courses.

Children’s Play Areas

For younger visitors, Tike’s Peak offers a water wonderland complete with miniature snow-banked slides and play structures, all scaled down for smaller thrill-seekers. The area ensures that children have a safe and suitable space to enjoy the water fun.

Amenities and Dining

Blizzard Beach offers a variety of amenities and dining options to enhance your visit, including lockers, multiple restaurants, and shops for souvenirs.

Lockers and Changing Areas

Lockers are available to secure your belongings while you enjoy the water attractions. Rent a locker at either the Beach Haus or Snowless Joe’s for easy access throughout the day. Changing areas are equipped with showers and are located near the entrance and exit points for your convenience.

Dining Options

Indulge in a wide array of dining options available at Blizzard Beach. Lottawatta Lodge is a quick-service restaurant serving burgers, sandwiches, and salads, with vegetarian options also available. For snacks or a lighter meal, Avalunch provides refreshing options such as wraps and salads. Visit the Cooling Hut for frozen treats on a hot day or the Warming Hut for snacks to satisfy your cravings. I.C. Expeditions and Frostbite Freddy’s are perfect spots for ice cream and frozen desserts to keep you cool. The Polar Pub offers a selection of adult beverages for those looking to relax.

Shops and Merchandise

Find the perfect souvenir at one of the shops situated around the park. Beach Haus offers a selection of Blizzard Beach-themed merchandise, including apparel, towels, and accessories. For last-minute needs or forgotten items, the Melting Hut has you covered with a variety of swimwear and sunscreen.

Relaxation and Leisure

Blizzard Beach Water Park offers an array of relaxation opportunities for those seeking a respite from thrilling waterslides. Here, you will find the perfect spots to unwind amidst a scenic, snowy paradise.

Wave Pools and Lazy River

Melt-Away Bay is a one-acre wave pool positioned at the base of Mt. Gushmore. With its gently lapping waves, it’s an ideal relaxation spot. After swimming in the wave pool, make your way to Cross Country Creek, the park’s lazy river. This 3,000-foot journey gently meanders around the park, affording you a leisurely float with enchanting views of the Green Slopes. Secure a tube, float, and let the current guide you through this tranquil experience.

Lounging and Sunbathing Areas

For sunbathing and lounging, ample lounge chairs are sprinkled throughout the park. Seek a spot on the white sandy shores of Melt-Away Bay or locate a secluded chair tucked away on the Green Slopes for more privacy. Each area provides a serene environment with the conveniences of nearby refreshment stands and lockers. With Mt. Gushmore providing a picturesque backdrop, your leisure time at Blizzard Beach will be as relaxing as it is scenic.

Special Services and Accessibility

Blizzard Beach Water Park ensures that all guests have access to an enjoyable experience with services catering to various needs. From rental options to disability access, the park is equipped to help you make the most of your visit.

Rental Services

You can enhance your visit by securing essential items for rent as soon as you arrive. The following rental options are available for your convenience:

  • Towel Rentals: If you forgot to bring your own, towels are available for rent.
  • Locker Rentals: Keep your belongings safe while you enjoy the attractions.
  • Life Jacket Rentals: Complimentary life jackets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Disability Access

Blizzard Beach acknowledges the importance of accessibility and provides appropriate services for guests with disabilities. Here’s how you can access these services:

  1. Guest Services: Upon entering the park, visit Guest Services to review the accessibility options and receive any necessary assistance.
  2. Attraction Accessibility: Most attractions, including the chairlift and toboggan races, are wheelchair accessible.
  3. Ski Patrol Training Camp: This area is specifically designed to cater to pre-teens with disabilities, ensuring they too can enjoy the fun.
  4. Companion Restrooms: Located throughout the park for your convenience.
  5. Service Animals: Permitted in most locations around the park, including large areas near Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

Remember to check for specific park rules regarding service animal relief areas and attraction policies.

Tips and Advisories

When planning your visit to Blizzard Beach Water Park, keeping a few critical tips and advisories in mind will ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Best Times to Visit

To avoid large crowds, visit Blizzard Beach during the off-peak season, typically from January to early March and October to December. If you hold an annual pass, you’ll find it more valuable during these times. Additionally, visiting on weekdays can also result in a less crowded park.

Safety Guidelines

Safety is paramount at Blizzard Beach. Adhere to lifeguard instructions and park signs at all times. Children should be accompanied by adults, and everyone should apply sunscreen frequently throughout the day. It’s also recommended to secure your valuables; the park’s privacy policy can provide additional details on how your information is managed.

Weather Considerations

Florida’s weather varies, with the possibility of sudden rain or thunderstorms. Always check the forecast before visiting and plan accordingly. For instance, on cooler days, certain attractions may feel excessively cold, considering the park’s snow-themed environment. Conversely, on especially hot days, stay hydrated and take breaks in shaded areas.

Accommodations and Additional Activities

When planning a visit to Blizzard Beach Water Park within the Walt Disney World Resort, options for accommodations and activities beyond the slides and pools are plentiful. Matching the park’s arctic expedition backstory, family-friendly hotels and added park features ensure a full day of enjoyment.

Nearby Hotels

Walt Disney World Resort offers a variety of hotels for your stay. Opt for reservations at the hotels closest to Blizzard Beach for convenience after a day of melting away in the sun.

  • Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort: A value resort that captures the magic of Disney with movie-themed decor. Prices tend to be more budget-friendly.
  • Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort: A moderate hotel designed around Spanish, Mexican, and Southwest American cultures, offering a serene environment with a range of dining options.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge: An upscale accommodation where you can view majestic wildlife roaming the savannahs. This hotel offers a more luxurious stay with its African-themed decor and amenities.

Extra Park Features

Beyond the slides, Blizzard Beach is equipped with extra features to enhance your visit. Ensure a richer experience by exploring these alternatives.

  • Ski Patrol Training Camp: Designed for preteens, this area simulates a melting arctic expedition with fun and engaging activities.
  • Tike’s Peak: A dedicated area for the younger family members, featuring kid-sized attractions.
  • Chairlift Ride: Travel to the top of Mount Gushmore on this unique chairlift that provides an overview of the water park and a feeling of being on an actual ski expedition.
  • Seasonal Refurbishment: The park occasionally closes for refurbishment to maintain its must-do status as one of the top water parks. Always check the refurbishment schedule before planning your trip.

To fully enjoy Walt Disney World Resort and its water parks, consider adding a Park Hopper Plus ticket. This ticket provides admission to multiple theme parks per day, including Blizzard Beach, and other Walt Disney World attractions.