Disney Dining Reservations: Can They Be Transferred To Someone Else?


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It happens.

Plans change. Tastes don’t line up.

Sometimes you’re just not ready to eat.

Whatever the situation may be, there are occasions where you need to shift gears and do something else.

But those reservations are hard to come by for Disney’s most popular restaurants.

Really hard.

And one of the options that pops into your head is to let someone else use them.

But can you do that? can you transfer a Disney dining reservation to someone else?

Transferring a Disney dining reservation to someone else outside your party is not officially supported by Disney. However, you can work around this by coordinating with the person you want to transfer the reservation to.

So what do you do?

Are there any workarounds?

How can you make it happen?

In this post, we’ll answer all those questions and delve deeper what’s possible, what workarounds there are, the role of the Family & Friends tool, the Disney Dining Cancellation Policy, and more.

We’re going to turn you into a Disney dining reservation pro. Ready? Let’s get started.

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Juggling Disney Dining Reservations Within Your Party

Ever had to juggle your Disney dining reservations? It’s a common scenario. You’ve scored a Disney dining reservation. (High five!) Then, out of the blue, your party size changes. Let’s unpack how to handle this.

Adding and Removing Guests: The Art of Accommodation

Want to squeeze in an extra guest? Like your fun-loving Aunt Susan who just couldn’t resist the call of the Magic Kingdom? Here’s the hard truth: Disney doesn’t officially allow “adding” guests to existing reservations.

But hey, don’t cancel your parade yet! This is Disney, the land of magic and accommodation. Show up at the restaurant with your extra guest. Chances are, they’ll make room.

Shrinking your party size? No worries. Disney won’t penalize you if you show up with fewer guests than your reservation. Although, updating your reservation to the correct number is always a good move. (Good manners go a long way!)

The Family & Friends Tool: Your Magical Assistant

Next up is the “Family & Friends” tool, your reservation assistant on the My Disney Experience app. This tool lets you link your reservation to the people in your party. It’s user-friendly, even if you’re more Goofy than tech-wiz.

Transferring Disney Dining Reservations Outside Your Party: The Tricky Part

Want to transfer reservations outside your party? Let’s tread these waters carefully.

The Unspoken Rule: Keep It In the Family

Disney’s official stance? You can’t transfer a Disney dining reservation to someone outside your party. They like to keep their reservations close to their chest.

The Workaround: Timing Is Everything

But there’s always a loophole. If you time your cancellation right, the person you want to transfer to can book the now-open spot. It’s a delicate dance, so make sure your partner knows their steps.

The Catch: It’s a Reservation Jungle Out There

The catch? Someone else could snag that reservation first. It’s a bit like a scavenger hunt. Exciting, yes. Risky, definitely.

Decoding the Disney Dining Cancellation Policy

The Disney dining reservation system is a magical realm of culinary delights. But when you need to cancel? That’s when things can get thorny.

The Basics: Disney’s Firm Stance

Disney’s cancellation policy for dining reservations is as firm as Cinderella’s curfew. Fail to cancel in time, and you’re facing a $10 per person fee.

The 24-Hour Rule: The Magic Number

Cancel at least 24 hours in advance to avoid the fee. Consider this your mantra: “24 hours, or it’s pumpkin time.”

The Exceptions: Know Your Bookings

Some dining experiences require pre-payment. For these, you’ll need to cancel at least 48 hours in advance to get a refund. Otherwise, it’s like your pumpkin carriage turning back at midnight.

No-Show, No Good: Avoid the Penalty

And a no-show? That’s a magic trick you don’t want to pull. It’ll still cost you a $10 per person fee.

Mastering the Art of Modifying Your Disney Dining Reservations

You’ve secured a Disney dining reservation, but now you need to modify it. Don’t panic, here’s your game plan.

Check Availability: Seek and Ye Shall Find

Firstly, check the availability for your new desired time. Remember, popular slots fill up faster than a Disney sing-along!

Modify Online or Via App: Wave Your Magic Wand

Next, you can change your reservation online or through the My Disney Experience app. Just locate your reservation and click “Modify”. (It’s as easy as a mouse click!)

Call Disney Dining: Talk to the Magic Makers

If your online quest comes up empty, don’t despair. Ring up Disney Dining. They might be able to sprinkle some pixie dust on the situation.

Keep Checking: Persistence Pays

Still can’t find the perfect slot? Keep checking. Like a kid peeking for Christmas presents, you never know when a surprise might pop up. Reservations often open up last minute. (Voila, magic!)

The Takeaway: Dining with Disney Savvy

Modifying a Disney dining reservation may feel like navigating Captain Hook’s ship through a storm, but it doesn’t have to be. With a sprinkle of patience, a dash of persistence, and a generous helping of pixie dust, you’ll be dining in Disney style.

What About Non-Disney Restaurants at Disney Springs?

Just like their Disney counterparts, these restaurants offer the convenient option of making reservations. (Isn’t that just a sigh of relief?) You can book your spots using the Disney app, online, or sometimes directly through the restaurant’s own website. (Options, options, and more options. Love it!)

“But hold up!” I hear you say. “What if my plans change? Can I transfer my reservation to someone else?” (Gotta love the unpredictability of vacation plans.)

This is where it gets tricky. While Disney’s own dining reservations can’t be directly transferred, non-Disney restaurant policies can vary, so you really should check directly with the restaurant.

Some might allow you to change the name on the reservation. (Hooray for flexibility!) Others, however, might stick to the “no transfer” rule.

So, it’s best to check with the specific restaurant in question. Cancellation fees can also still apply, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Related and Frequently Asked Questions

Walt Disney World is known for its world-class dining options, which can be an essential part of any magical vacation. However, securing dining reservations can be a challenge, especially during peak seasons. Here are some related questions.

Q: Can I have two Disney dining reservations at once?

A: Yes, you can hold multiple dining reservations, but Disney discourages booking overlapping reservation times.

Q: Can you sell Disney restaurant reservations?

A: Selling Disney restaurant reservations is against Disney’s terms of service and can lead to cancellation of the reservation.

Q: How many Disney reservations can you cancel?

A: There is no limit on the number of reservations you can cancel, but a cancellation fee may apply if not done within the specified time frame.

Q: Can you remove one person from a Walt Disney World Resort dining reservation?

A: Yes, you can modify the guest list on a Disney dining reservation through the app or website.

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