Swimming Pools at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort: A Dive into Fun and Fantasy

Swimming Pools at Disney's Art of Animation Resort

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Dive into the aquatic wonderland of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, where each swimming pool tells a story, offers fun, and promises unforgettable memories.

But what about:

  • The best times to visit each pool for the optimal experience?
  • The depths and safety features of these pools, catering to all ages?
  • The availability of exciting water features to enhance your enjoyment?
  • How do poolside activities and entertainment elevate your stay?
  • What amenities are specifically designed for kids?
  • The convenience of additional amenities like heated pools, life jacket services, and nearby leisure activities?
  • Are there any options for poolside dining and snacks for those mid-swim cravings?
  • What accessibility features are there ensuring everyone can join in the fun?
  • What are Disney’s pool policies and services for a hassle-free visit?

Our complete guide to the swimming pools at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort explores these questions, offering insights to help you make the most of your aquatic adventure. Let’s plunge into the details that make each pool not just a place to swim, but a magical part of your Disney vacation.

Discover The Big Blue Pool
Discover The Big Blue Pool

Discover The Big Blue Pool

The Big Blue Pool is the largest swimming pool at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, inspired by the Disney-Pixar movie “Finding Nemo”. It offers unique features designed for families and children to enjoy a splash-filled fun time.

Family-Friendly Zero-Entry Pool

Your experience at the Big Blue Pool begins with the zero-entry design. This feature allows you to walk directly into the pool without any steps, mimicking a natural beach entry.

Interactive Splash Pad

Adjacent to the pool, you’ll find Squirt’s Righteous Reef, an interactive splash pad. Children can enjoy playful water jets and features designed to resemble a schoolyard sprayground.

Best Times To Visit The Big Blue Pool

For optimal enjoyment, plan to visit during midday or late afternoon when the pool is typically less crowded, ensuring a more relaxed environment.

What Are The Depths For The Big Blue Pool?

The Big Blue Pool ranges in depth from a shallow point suitable for younger children to approximately 4 feet, making it enjoyable for all swimming levels.

Are There Any Exciting Water Features At The Big Blue Pool?

Yes, amidst the expansive Big Blue, you’ll find exciting water features including a pool area known as The Drop Off, which houses a variety of fountains and splashing surfaces.

Explore The Cozy Cone Pool

The Cozy Cone Pool at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort offers a unique, Pixar’s “Cars”-themed swimming experience complete with cabana-style cones for a charming poolside retreat.

Iconic Cozy Cone Motif

The pool is a vibrant homage to the lovable “Cars” character Mater and the rest of the Radiator Springs gang. As you approach, you’ll notice giant conical cabanas which are designed to resemble the cozy cones from the movie, inviting you to relax in the shade. These cabanas are a vivid representation of the film’s iconic Cozy Cone Motel, making you feel as if you’ve driven straight into Pixar’s animated world.

Relaxation And Comfort

For your comfort, the Cozy Cone Pool area is equipped with ample seating. You can unwind on the deck chairs or take a break from the sun in one of the cone cabanas that provide a touch of privacy and relief from the Florida heat. The surrounding greenery and thoughtful landscaping create an atmosphere of serenity amidst the exhilarating aura of the resort.

Best Times To Visit The Cozy Cone Pool

To make the most of your visit, consider taking a dip during the mid-morning or late afternoon. These times typically see fewer guests, allowing for a more tranquil pool experience. Early evening is also a special time, as you will find the pool area softly illuminated, enhancing the animated charm of Radiator Springs.

What Are The Depths For The Cozy Cone Pool?

The Cozy Cone Pool is designed with families in mind, featuring depths that range from approximately 3 feet to around 4.5 feet. This gradual depth change suits all ages and swimming abilities, ensuring a fun and safe time for everyone.

Are There Any Exciting Water Features At The Cozy Cone Pool?

Yes, children and the young at heart will delight in the interactive water features. A gentle water play area is perfectly suited for the little ones, while the pool includes surprises around every corner, keeping in line with the playful spirit of Lightning McQueen and his Pixar friends.

Unwind At The Flippin’ Fins Pool

The Flippin’ Fins Pool, a feature of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, offers a unique underwater experience with theming from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” Relaxation and enjoyment are at the forefront at this lively pool.

Underwater Music Adventure

While you swim, melodies will immerse you into Ariel’s world with underwater speakers playing songs from “The Little Mermaid.” The music creates an enchanting environment, making your time at the pool even more memorable.

Thematic Ambiance

Designed to transport you under the sea, the Flippin’ Fins Pool showcases vibrant sculptures of Ariel and her friends. King Triton graces the space as a focal point, enhancing the immersive theme of the marine setting.

Best Times To Visit The Flippin’ Fins Pool

You’ll find the pool most tranquil during early morning or late evening hours. During these times, the water is often calmer, and you can enjoy a quieter atmosphere.

What Are The Depths For The Flippin’ Fins Pool?

The pool depths range from 3 feet to 4 feet 9 inches, catering to a variety of swimmers. It’s consistently monitored for safety, ensuring a safe swimming experience for all guests.

Are There Any Exciting Water Features At The Flippin’ Fins Pool?

Yes, the pool includes playful water features. These include a water play area tailored for younger guests, complete with gentle fountains and splash zones.

Activities And Entertainment At The Pools

At Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, the swimming pools are designed with entertainment for all ages in mind, offering a range of activities and family-friendly fun.

Engaging Poolside Activities

You’ll find a variety of poolside activities catered to guests enjoying the sun and water. The Big Blue Pool, for instance, hosts interactive water play areas ideal for children. Here, you can expect:

  1. Dance Parties: Engage in uplifting poolside dance parties led by energetic Disney cast members.
  2. Trivia Contests: Test your Disney knowledge with lively trivia contests for a chance to win fun prizes.

These activities are scheduled throughout the day and are a perfect break from swimming.

Family Entertainment Options

For family entertainment away from the pools, the Righteous Reef playground is a sea-themed area where your kids can climb and explore. Regarding food and beverages, guests can enjoy:

  • Landscape of Flavors: Offering snacks and beverages near the pools in the courtyard area, this dining location provides easy access to a quick bite or drink.
  • Family Suites: If you’re staying in family suites, you can appreciate the convenient proximity to the pools and the courtyard area for a quick snack or beverage break.

At Disney’s Art of Animation Resort pools, your family’s entertainment and comfort are well catered to amidst an atmosphere of creativity and fun.

Amenities For Kids At The Pools

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort pools offer a variety of kid-friendly amenities designed for safety and fun.

Child-Centric Safety Features

Life jackets are available at the pools to ensure your child’s safety while swimming. These life jackets come in multiple sizes to accommodate children of various ages and are found at easy-to-spot locations around the pool areas. Secondly, the pool design incorporates shallow areas specifically for kids, allowing them to play safely under your supervision.

Fun And Games For Kids

The pool area includes a playground that engages kids in creative play, with water features that are both entertaining and visually stimulating. Activities within the pool itself are organized to foster fun and social interaction among children, such as scavenger hunts and poolside games hosted by resort staff, ensuring that your child has an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Additional Poolside Amenities

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort enhances your poolside experience with a range of amenities designed for convenience, comfort, and fun.

Heated Pools For Year-Round Pool Enjoyment

You’ll find the resort’s pools are heated for comfort, ensuring a pleasant swim no matter the season. The Big Blue Pool, the largest pool on the property, maintains a consistent temperature that’s inviting even on cooler days.

Life Jacket And Towel Services

To ensure safety and convenience, complimentary life jackets are available in a variety of sizes for children and adults. Towels are provided poolside, so you can save space in your luggage and avoid the walk back to your room.

Leisure And Activities Nearby

Adjacent to the pools, a selection of loungers and tables offers relaxation and a spot to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. You’ll find ample space for unwinding while kids can engage in nearby activities and games conducted by resort entertainment staff.

Shower And Changing Facilities

Complete with showers and restrooms, the changing facilities are steps away from the pool area. These ensure you can freshen up after a swim and transition smoothly to your next adventure at the resort.

Poolside Dining And Snack Options
Poolside Dining And Snack Options

Poolside Dining And Snack Options

Guests at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort can enjoy a variety of beverages and snacks by the poolside. These options provide a convenient way to refresh and recharge without straying too far from the fun.

Snack Bars And Refreshment Stands

Drop Off Pool Bar is your go-to spot for poolside enjoyment. You can find a selection of drinks and a variety of snacks perfect for a quick bite. Items on the menu include:

  • Beverages: A range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options
    • Examples: Smoothies, sodas, beer, and wine
  • Snacks: Light appetizers and treats
    • Examples: Chips, fruit cups, and sandwiches

For convenience and flavor, Drop Off Pool Bar stands out as a haven for pool-goers looking for a refreshing experience.

Convenient Access To Refreshments

At Walt Disney World Resort, especially at the Art of Animation, you’re never far from a quick snack or a cooling drink. The pool bars, including the aforementioned Drop Off Pool Bar, are strategically located for easy access. Here, you can enjoy:

  1. Prompt Service: Quickly grab what you need and return to relaxing poolside.
  2. Variety: A good range of options to suit various tastes and preferences.
  3. Themed Ambience: Enjoy your refreshments amongst the colorful surroundings of the resort.
Ensuring Accessibility For All Guests
Ensuring Accessibility For All Guests

Ensuring Accessibility For All Guests

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is committed to providing an inclusive experience for all guests, including those with disabilities. Here, you’ll find thoughtfully designed features to ensure that everyone can enjoy the swimming pools, especially in the vibrant Lion King section.

Accessible Pool Features

Accessible Entrances: The pools in the Art of Animation resort, including the one in the Lion King section, offer zero-entry access points. This means you can enter the water gradually, which is ideal for guests with mobility impairments.

  • Lift Devices: Each pool is equipped with a lift, allowing for smooth transfers from a wheelchair to the water.

Seating Options: You will find ample in-pool and out-of-pool seating, designed to accommodate various needs and preferences.

  1. Handrails: Strategically placed around the pools and at the entrances for your safety and support.
  2. Wheelchair Accessibility: Wheelchairs designed for water use are available on request to ensure you can move comfortably in and around the pool.

Tactile Signage: For guests with visual impairments, tactile signage is provided to navigate the pool areas easily.

Pool Hours and Staff: Extended pool hours and attentive staff onsite enhance the accessibility experience for you.

Additional Supportive Services

Complimentary Wheelchairs: Upon arrival, you can request complimentary wheelchairs to navigate the resort, including the pool areas.

  • Service Animals: Service animals are welcomed in most locations within the resort and specific pool areas.

Assistive Listening Devices: Available for any poolside activities or movies that might be hosted during your stay.

  1. Real-time Captioning: Enjoy real-time captioning for live announcements at the pools.
  2. Language Services: Sign language interpretation is available upon advance request for events and activities around the pool.

Prioritizing Health And Safety

At Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, the health and safety of guests are upheld with the utmost importance at the pools.

Professional Lifeguard Supervision

Professional lifeguards are crucial to poolside safety, maintaining vigilance to ensure a secure swimming environment. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort employs certified lifeguards who are trained to watch over swimmers and respond promptly to any emergencies that may occur.

Comprehensive Pool Safety Policies

With comprehensive safety policies in place, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort pools minimize risks and enhance guest protection. You are required to follow clear pool rules designed to prevent accidents, including regulations about pool depth usage and appropriate swimwear. The pool area is equipped with life-saving equipment, such as lifebuoys and first aid kits, to ensure a prompt response in case of an incident.

Understanding Disney’s Pool Policies And Services

To ensure a magical and safe experience, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort has established specific pool policies and offers a range of convenient services for guests.

Detailed Pool Access Guidelines

You are eligible to use the pools during your stay at the Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, provided the pool area capacity allows. Pool access is exclusive to guests of the resort, ensuring a private and secure swimming environment. Disney’s pool policy mandates continuous adult supervision for children under the age of 14, offering peace of mind for parents and guardians. Life jackets available on-site are complimentary and come in various sizes to accommodate all guests who may require them.

  1. Verify your eligibility: Confirm your resort stay to gain pool access.
  2. Accompany minors: Under 14’s must have an adult present.
  3. Utilize free safety gear: Obtain a life jacket fitting your size at no cost.

Convenient Amenities And Services

At Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, the pool experience is enhanced with numerous amenities and services. You will find towels provided conveniently at the pool area, allowing you to avoid carrying these from your room. Cast Members are present to assist you with any needs and enforce pool rules for your safety. Additionally, you may take advantage of the nearby food and beverage services to stay refreshed without leaving the pool vicinity.

  • Access pool towels easily: Locate them at designated areas around the pool.
  • Engage assistance swiftly: Resort Cast Members are at your service.
  • Refresh conveniently: Food and drink options are available close to the pool area.

Pool Operations And Guest Access

Swimming at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is a highlight for many guests, and understanding the pool operations and guest access is key to enjoying these amenities.

Daily Operating Hours

The Big Blue Pool, the largest at the Walt Disney World Resort, along with Cozy Cone Pool and Flippin’ Fins Pool, operate daily.

  1. Confirm the current year’s operating hours as they vary seasonally, typically starting at 9:00 AM and closing at 10:00 PM.
  2. Review the posted schedule, available at the front desk or on the resort map, for any variations due to special events or maintenance.

Comprehensive Pool Access

You have access to three uniquely themed pools at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort:

  • The Big Blue Pool: Inspired by the movie “Finding Nemo,” this is the main pool and features zero-entry access.
  • Cozy Cone Pool: “Cars” themed, with cone-shaped cabanas.
  • Flippin’ Fins Pool: A “Little Mermaid” theme with undersea decorations.

Key access information:

  1. Pool access is exclusive to guests of the Art of Animation Resort; your MagicBand or room key will be required for entry.
  2. Obtain towels at the poolside; complimentary life vests are provided for children or inexperienced swimmers.
  3. To navigate to the pools, refer to the resort map or ask a Cast Member for directions from your location within the hotel.

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