Life Jacket Availability At Disney Resort Pools: Splash Into Safety


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Planning on some pool time during your Disney resort vacation?

If you have little ones, or other members of your party who may not be the best swimmers, you’re probably wondering if life jackets are provided and what safety regulations are in place.

One of the things you’ll want to know is do the Disney Resort pools provide life jackets for swimmers?

Yes, Walt Disney World Resorts provide life jackets for guests to use. They are available in a variety of sizes for both children and adults, and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests can borrow them for free at the resort pools along the pool desk. Additionally, Disney World’s water parks, such as Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, also provide complimentary life jacket rentals for guests to use during their visit.

Preparing for any swim needs can be daunting, especially for families trying to keep costs down and stay on budget. Knowing the recent guidelines from Disney can provide peace of mind during your vacation away from home.

This article will answer the question “do Disney Resort pools furnish life vests?” as well as give information about other water safety considerations for families staying at Disney resorts.

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Availability of Life Jackets

When it comes to water safety, Walt Disney World Resort takes every precaution to ensure their guests have a safe and enjoyable experience. All main feature pools at the resort have life vests conveniently located along the pool decks for use. These life vests come in a variety of sizes and are free to borrow on a first-come, first-served basis, making them easily accessible and available to everyone from small children to grown-up adults.

These life jackets are located around each of the resort hotel’s poolsides and prominently displayed so they can easily be found by visitors. Borrowing a life vest is easy and helps ensure everyone can enjoy the pool knowing that their safety is taken into account.

Using Life Jackets

When using the life jackets provided by the resort, it’s important to choose the right size for yourself or your child. Life jackets come in different sizes, such as Infant Child (less than 30 lbs), Child Small (30-50 lbs), Youth (50-90 lbs), XS (Chest size 31-34 in.), S (Chest size 34-37 in.), M (Chest size 37-40 in.), L (Chest size 40-43 in.), XL (Chest size 43-46 in.), XXL (Chest size 46-48 in.). Larger vests may also be available, if needed, just check with the lifeguard on duty.

When wearing a life jacket, it is essential to adjust it properly for a secure and comfortable fit. This includes tightening the straps and buckles and zipping up the zippers – any loose straps or openings can lead to the life jacket riding up or coming off in an emergency. To make sure that the life jacket fits correctly, it is important to have the person wearing it move around and raise their arms to ensure that the overall fit is snug and secure. If a few adjustments need to be made, these should be done before hitting the water. It’s also important to check that all fastenings are closed at regular intervals while out on the water – not just when first putting on the life jacket.

Other water safety measures

Disney understands the importance of ensuring the safety of their guests, therefore they have lifeguards on duty at all pools, water slides and other attractions that involve water. These lifeguards are highly trained and certified individuals, who are present to ensure safety and prevent any potentially dangerous situations from occurring.

The lifeguards patrol these areas around the pools constantly and are constantly vigilant looking out for the safety of their guests. Even with these extensive precautions, parental supervision is still a must when young children are present near any bodies of water. Parents should remind their kids to pay be mindful of instructions given by lifeguards to make for everyone’s safety and benefit.

Disney Water Parks

Live jackets are available at the water parks too. When you visit Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, you’ll have access to complimentary life jacket rentals.

In the water parks it works a little differently.

To pick up your life jacket, you’ll need to leave a refundable deposit with the Cast Member who will help you find the rental location. And because these parks can run out of life jackets, it’s important that you get one as soon as you arrive to make the most of your visit.

Other personal flotation devices

At Walt Disney World Resort hotel pools, personal flotation devices are allowed but they should be “reasonably-sized” and must not block the lifeguard’s view of Guests in the pool. If you’re unsure about whether or not your float would be allowed, simply ask the lifeguard on duty and they’ll let you know.

Non-Coast Guard approved flotation devices and swim noodles are prohibited because these types of flotation devices may not meet safety standards set by the Coast Guard and their use can put guests at risk.

It’s important to use only approved flotation devices while enjoying the water parks to ensure not only your own safety that of others around you too. To avoid disappointment, check with the lifeguards or front desk of the resort hotel before you haul that questionable item down to the pool to ensure that it’s up to the standard.

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