Exploring the Pools of Disney’s Pop Century Resort: Features, Activities & Poolside Entertainment

Exploring ALL the Pools of Disney's Pop Century Resort

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The pools at Disney’s Pop Century Resort are an attraction all on their own delivering for guests a variety of experiences, from themed designs to engaging activities and comprehensive amenities. With three different main pools to choose from – the Hippy Dippy Pool, the Computer Pool, the Bowling Pool – it’s only natural to have questions about features and amenities available:

  • What features set the Hippy Dippy, Computer, and Bowling pools apart?
  • What kind of activities and entertainment can guests expect?
  • How are the pools equipped for children’s safety and enjoyment?
  • What options are there for guests looking to relax?
  • How do the pools accommodate guests with disabilities?
  • What are the health and safety measures in place?
  • Are amenities like life jackets and towels provided?

Having stayed at Pop Century numerous times we’re offering detailed insights into each pool at Pop Century Resort, aiming to equip you with all the information you need for a fulfilling poolside experience.

What Makes Disney's Pop Century Resort Pools Unique?

What Makes Disney’s Pop Century Resort Pools Unique?

Disney’s Pop Century Resort pools stand out due to their immersive theming and variety.

Resort’s Thematic Allure and Pool Diversity

Theming is central to your experience at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. As you explore the resort, you’ll notice that pools are divided by decade, providing a range of atmospheres from the 1950s through the 1990s. Each themed pool area is designed to evoke a strong sense of the specific era it represents, complete with cultural icons and large-scale memorabilia.

Particularly unique is the 1980s themed pool area. Here, Roger Rabbit, the iconic character from the era, becomes a central figure. You’ll find references to him, adding to the themed pool experience. These thematic touches extend to the architecture and surrounding decor, enhancing your pool experience with a vibrant nod to the past.

The themed pools offer diverse settings, with distinct music, poolside activities, and visual cues from each decade. Whether you’re lounging by the ‘Fifties-themed Hippy Dippy Pool, complete with flower-shaped water jets, or taking a dip in the Bowling Pool, you’re promised an unforgettable escape into the visual and cultural vibe of these times.

What Are the Features of the Hippy Dippy Pool?

The Hippy Dippy Pool at Pop Century Resort immerses you into the 1960s with its flower power décor and playful water features.

1960s Theme: Flower Power and Water Jets

Disney’s Pop Century Resort’s Hippy Dippy Pool embodies the ’60s through vibrant flower shapes and colorful motifs. Here, you can feel the era’s ethos of peace and love as you swim or lounge by the poolside. The atmosphere is further enhanced with water jets that are strategically placed around large flower installations, adding a fun and interactive water experience.

Activities and Amenities: Entertainment Schedule and Poolside Services

Your enjoyment at the Hippy Dippy Pool extends beyond swimming. Daily activities are planned according to an entertainment schedule known for featuring games and music fitting the 60s theme. Essential poolside services include complimentary towel service and ample seating options. For convenience, pool hours are typically from morning until late evening but check with the Resort as they may vary.

Poolside Movies? Yes!

Disney’s Pop Century Resort offers movie activities in the form of “Movies Under the Stars,” which are complimentary outdoor movie screenings for guests of the resort. These screenings typically take place in the evenings, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of Disney films in an outdoor setting, which may be near the pools or in other designated areas around the resort. This activity is part of the resort’s recreation offerings and provides a relaxing way to end the day after enjoying the parks or pools

What Can Guests Expect at the Computer Pool?

At the Computer Pool in Disney’s Pop Century Resort, you are instantly transported back to the 1990s with its retro tech theme featuring larger-than-life computer elements. This unique swimming area offers a fun environment for relaxation, complete with snacks and comfortable seating areas.

1990s Computer Theme: Design and Dimensions

The Computer Pool showcases a design inspired by 1990s computer hardware. You will notice the main feature of the pool is a giant Computer Monitor that serves as a backdrop. The dimensions of the pool are generous, providing ample space for swimming and playing. Around the pool, you will see whimsical decorative elements such as Spongy Keyboards, which add to the nostalgic ambiance.

Snacks and Relaxation: Poolside Snack Options and Lounging Areas

When it’s time to refuel, you have a selection of Poolside Snack Options located conveniently near the Computer Pool. Snacks range from quick bites to refreshing beverages, catering to a variety of tastes. In addition to the snacks, the lounging area provides you with comfortable seating options. You can choose to relax on a sun lounger, enjoy the shade at a table, or just lounge by the poolside. These Lounging Areas are strategically placed for both comfort and a great view of the pool.

What Sets the Bowling Pool Apart?

At Disney’s Pop Century Resort, the Bowling Pool stands out for its authentic 1950s bowling theme and lively poolside events designed to entice fans of the bygone era of strikes and spares.

1950s Bowling Theme: Unique Shape and Bowling Pin Features

Fashioned after a bowling alley, the Bowling Pool possesses a distinctive shape that emulates the look and feel of a 1950s bowling lane. You’ll notice that bowling pin-shaped fixtures are key embellishments surrounding the pool area, creating an immersive experience resonant with the decade’s charm. The pool’s design reflects the whimsy and nostalgia of the 1950s, inviting you to step into a slice of history.

Themed Activities: Bowling-Inspired Poolside Events

Engage in poolside games reflecting the essence of bowling-inspired fun at the Bowling Pool. Activities are ingeniously incorporated into the thematic vibe, featuring matches and competitions that echo the joy of bowling. Whether you choose to partake in an impromptu game or observe the poolside excitement, these events capture the heart of 1950s entertainment, tailored to create an enjoyable experience for every guest.

What Poolside Activities and Entertainment Are Available?

At the Pop Century Resort, the poolside is an area brimming with activities and entertainment options designed for guests of all ages to enjoy. From engaging games to upbeat music, the atmosphere is tailored to enhance your poolside experience.

Games and Entertainment

Games at Pop Century’s poolside include classics such as water volleyball, pool basketball, and ping-pong tournaments. For younger guests, there are often Disney trivia contests and scavenger hunts that embody the spirit of family-friendly fun. The entertainment extends to lively dance parties and impromptu performances that bring an extra dose of excitement to your swim.

  • Dance Parties: Move to the groove with music from a poolside DJ.
  • Trivia & Hunts: Participate in Disney-themed quizzes and searches for hidden treasures around the pool area.

Participation Details: How Guests Can Join In

To participate in any poolside game or activity, begin by checking the daily schedule posted around the pool area or inquire with a Cast Member for specific times. Sign-ups for certain games may be required, so it’s advisable to express your interest early.

  1. Review the Schedule: Locate the day’s lineup of activities posted near the pool.
  2. Sign Up: For organized games, add your name to the participant list.
  3. Arrive Promptly: Show up at the designated area when your activity is set to start.
  4. Enjoy: Have fun and embrace the chance to meet fellow guests.

What Kid-Friendly Features Are Offered?

Disney’s Pop Century Resort offers a variety of child-friendly features at its pools, ensuring that young guests have a safe and enjoyable time.

Pool Areas for Children: Shallow Sections and Safety Features

Kiddie Pools are specially designed shallow pools for young swimmers. At Pop Century Resort, these pools provide a safe environment where children can play and splash under close supervision. Safety features such as Life Jackets are available free of charge and are designed for varying sizes to suit children of all ages.

Child-Oriented Activities: Special Events for Young Guests

The resort organizes Child-Oriented Activities to enhance poolside fun. These activities, ranging from pool games to dance parties, are specifically tailored to appeal to children’s interests. Your kids can enjoy these special events and make new friends, all within the colorful and lively atmosphere of the Pop Century Resort.

What Options Are There for Relaxation and Recreation?

When at Pop Century Resort, you have diverse opportunities for both relaxation and recreation, each tailored to enhance your resort experience.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort does not have hot tubs at its pools. This resort, classified as a Value resort, offers several pools for guests to enjoy, but hot tubs are not among the amenities provided at these locations.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort does not have designated “Quiet Zones” at its pools; however, guests looking for a more tranquil experience might prefer the Bowling Pin Pool or the Computer Pool, which are typically less busy than the main Hippy Dippy Pool. The Hippy Dippy Pool is the main pool and features flowers that spray water, which can be a bit more lively and therefore noisier.

At Disney’s Pop Century Resort, cabana rentals are not available at any of the pools. The resort’s pools are designed for all guests to enjoy without the option of private cabana rentals, which tend to be a feature offered at some of the higher-tier Deluxe Resorts within the Walt Disney World Resort. Guests staying at Pop Century can still take advantage of the ample poolside seating on a first-come, first-served basis.

What Accessibility Features Do the Pools Provide?

The pools at the Pop Century Resort are designed with accessibility features to ensure that all guests, including those with disabilities, can enjoy a fun and safe swimming experience.

Access Features: Zero-Entry Points and Availability of Pool Lifts

Zero-Entry Pool: A zero-entry pool gently slopes into the water, eliminating the need for steps. At Pop Century, you can access the main pool without barriers. This design is especially helpful for guests with mobility impairments, ensuring a smooth and safe entry into the pool.

  1. Pool Lifts: For guests who require assistance entering the pool, pool lifts are available.
    • These lifts are mechanical seats that lower and raise the user in and out of the water.
    • Operate the lift with easy-to-use controls.

Facilities: Accessible Restrooms and Showers

There are showers available at the pools at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. The resort provides guests with facilities to freshen up, which include showers located in the bathroom areas near the pools. These amenities are convenient for guests who want to rinse off before or after swimming.

What Health and Safety Measures Are in Place?

Safety Presence: Lifeguard Schedules and Locations

Lifeguards are indispensable for maintaining pool safety. At Pop Century Pool, lifeguards are stationed throughout operational hours, providing vigilant surveillance. You’ll find them positioned at strategic points around each pool area, ensuring no corner is left unmonitored. The lifeguard schedules are as follows:

  1. Main Pool: Lifeguards are on duty from 9 AM to 10 PM daily.
  2. Children’s Pool: Lifeguards supervise from 10 AM to 8 PM.

These timings may vary seasonally and during special events, so please check the latest schedule upon arrival.

Rules and Guidelines: Swimwear and Glass Container Policies

Swim rules and guidelines are pivotal for everyone’s protection. The Pop Century Pool stipulates:

  • Swimwear Policy: Proper swim attire must be worn. This means swim diapers for infants and swimwear made of water-appropriate materials for all swimmers.
  • Glass Container Policy: For safety, glass containers are strictly prohibited within the pool areas. Please use plastic or metal containers instead.

Adherence to these policies ensures a safer environment for all guests.

What Are the Disney Pool Policies and Guidelines?

Disney Resort pools offer a blend of relaxation and excitement for guests, adhering to specific policies and guidelines designed to ensure safety and enjoyment. Accurate knowledge of these policies enhances the guest experience.

Operating Hours and Access: Detailed Pool Schedule and Guest Access Information

Disney Resort pools operate on schedules that can vary by location; however, typical hours are from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. You may access the pools during these hours, which are subject to change based on the season and resort events.

  • Guest Access: Only guests staying at the Disney Resort have access to the pool facilities.
  • Operating Hours: Posted near the pools and available through the resort’s front desk.
  • Towels: Provided at the pool area free of charge for resort guests.

FAQs Addressed: Inquiries About Slides, Rivers, Tubs, and Pool Heating

Your enjoyment and comfort are a priority at Disney Resort pools, with features including water slides and heated pools.

  • Water Slide: You must adhere to height requirements and follow lifeguard instructions.
  • Heated Pools: All Disney Resort pools are heated to about 82 degrees year-round for your comfort.
  • Lazy Rivers and Hot Tubs: These features vary by resort; they are available to you if your resort includes them.

Are Life Jackets and Towels Available at the Pools?

Guests visiting the pools at Pop Century Resort have access to complimentary life jackets and towels, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Safety Gear: Availability and Distribution Points for Life Jackets

Life jackets are provided to ensure your safety while enjoying the pool. These safety devices are available at no extra cost and come in various sizes to accommodate both children and adults.

  • Locate a Life Jacket: Visit the lifeguard station where life jackets are distributed.
  • Choose Your Size: Select a life jacket that fits snugly to ensure safety.
  • Return Promptly: After use, return the life jacket to the designated area.

Towel Service: Locations and Guidelines for Use

Towels are conveniently offered to enhance your poolside experience at Pop Century Resort.

  • Acquire a Towel: Find towels stacked at multiple locations around the pool area.
  • Use As Needed: Utilize the towels while at the pool for drying off or lounging.
  • Deposit After Use: Place used towels in the designated bins.

Extra amenities: Snack stands, drink bars, and other conveniences

Adjacent to the pools, the convenience of snack stands and drink bars is available. Here’s what you’ll find:

  1. Petals Pool Bar: Serves a variety of beverages, from fruit smoothies to alcoholic drinks.
  2. Everything Pop Shopping and Dining: Offers quick-service meals and snacks, located near the main pool.
  3. Towel services and life vests are available free of charge for your safety and comfort.

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