Value Resort Amenities at Disney World: Your Guide to Affordable Magic

WDW Value Resort Amenities

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Disney World Value Resorts offer budget-friendly, affordable accommodations with thematically designed rooms and family-friendly facilities. As of 2024, these resorts provide a cost-effective option for families and individuals looking to experience the magic of Disney World without straining their budget. The resorts are located within the vicinity of Disney parks, making them a convenient choice for visitors seeking proximity to the parks without breaking the budget.

These resorts feature various amenities tailored to enhance your stay. Your family can choose from standard rooms or opt for family suites, which provide additional space and comfort for larger groups. Amenities typically include swimming pools, food courts, and complimentary transportation to and from the Disney parks, ensuring that your vacation runs smoothly.

Staying at a Disney World Value Resort also means you benefit from extended park hours, giving you more time to explore the attractions. The Value Resorts uphold Disney’s standard of service and cleanliness, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious guests who still wish to enjoy the quintessential Disney experience. With these resorts, you can have a memorable vacation while maintaining financial peace of mind.

Disney Value Resorts: Their Appeal to Budget-Conscious Travelers

A Disney Value Resort is a category of hotel within the Walt Disney World Resort that is designed to be the most affordable option for guests. Aimed at budget-conscious travelers, these resorts offer accommodations with whimsical Disney themes at a lower price point compared to Moderate and Deluxe resorts. With a focus on maximizing your vacation value, these resorts provide essential comforts and Disney magic without straining your budget.

  • 1. Accommodations: You will find vibrant and playful rooms that cater to families and groups of varying sizes. Each resort, including the All-Star Movies, All-Star Sports, All-Star Music, Pop Century, and the Art of Animation, features its unique theme centered around classic Disney films, sports, music, decades, and animation.
  • 2. Amenities: These resorts offer essential amenities that enhance your Disney trip. Pools with fun themes, arcades, and food courts are available to ensure you enjoy your stay while keeping expenses low.
  • 3. Transportation: Complimentary transportation to and from the theme parks and other attractions is a significant perk. The Value resorts make it easy for you to navigate the expansive Disney property while keeping travel costs to a minimum.
  • 4. Benefits: Staying at a Disney Value Resort includes early access to FastPass+ planning, extra Magic Hours, and complimentary MagicBands. These advantages can help you optimize your itinerary and experience more attractions during your visit.
  • 5. Comparisons: When comparing to Moderate or Deluxe resorts, you should be aware that Value resorts provide fewer dining options and less elaborate recreational facilities. However, for many visitors, the savings outweigh these differences, making Value resorts an appealing choice for a magical Disney vacation that remains within budget.

Room Amenities at Value Resorts

The room amenities at Walt Disney World Value Resorts are designed to ensure a comfortable and convenient stay for guests while offering a taste of Disney magic. Each Value Resort room is equipped with several amenities to enhance the guest experience, focusing on comfort, entertainment, and convenience, excluding bathroom toiletries or spa-related features. These amenities incorporate the world renowned Disney theming and maintain a reputation for quality in each guest room. Here’s a detailed look at the room amenities across Disney’s Value Resorts:

Beds and Mattress Types

At the heart of any hotel room is the bed, and at Disney’s Value Resorts, the beds are designed with a keen focus on comfort and restfulness. The rooms generally feature two double beds, crafted with quality mattresses that support a good night’s sleep after a day filled with park adventures. For guests who prefer a different arrangement, options with one king bed are available, catering to couples or smaller family units. These bedding configurations are thoughtfully selected to ensure that every guest finds a cozy spot to recharge.

Pillow Types

Though specific types of pillows may not be explicitly listed, the pillows at Disney’s Value Resorts are chosen with guest comfort in mind. Soft, supportive, and hypoallergenic options likely dot the landscape of the bed, cradling guests into a restful sleep. These pillows complement the mattress choice, creating a bedding experience that’s both inviting and conducive to a full night’s rest.

In-Room Safe

Security is a subtle but crucial aspect of any hotel stay. Disney’s Value Resorts include an in-room safe in each room, a testament to Disney’s commitment to guest peace of mind. These safes are user-friendly and sized to accommodate items like passports, electronics, and small personal belongings, ensuring that guests can enjoy the parks worry-free, knowing their valuables are secured.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

In today’s connected world, Wi-Fi is not just an amenity; it’s a necessity. Recognizing this, Disney’s Value Resorts provide complimentary Wi-Fi across all rooms, allowing guests to plan their Disney days, stay in touch with loved ones, or even catch up on work without skipping a beat. This connectivity ensures that the magic doesn’t have to pause just because you’re back in your room.


A mini-fridge in each room adds a layer of convenience and personalization to your stay. Whether it’s chilling water for the next day’s adventures, storing leftovers from one of Disney’s many dining venues, or keeping medication at the right temperature, the mini-fridge is a silent sentinel of comfort and convenience in your room.

Entertainment and Connectivity

Entertainment options in the room are anchored by a television offering a range of channels, including Disney-themed content to keep the magic alive even in downtime. The inclusion of multiple charging ports and outlets reflects a modern understanding of guests’ needs to keep devices charged and ready to capture memories or navigate the parks with ease.

Iron and Ironing Board

The inclusion of an iron and ironing board speaks to the resorts’ understanding that guests may need to freshen up their attire, whether for a special dinner reservation or simply to look their best each day. This amenity, though often overlooked, is a nod to the practical needs of travelers.

Climate Control

Personal comfort is paramount, and the climate control in each room allows guests to create their own oasis, setting the temperature to their personal preference. This control over one’s environment is a small but significant way Disney’s Value Resorts ensure guest satisfaction.

Your room will feature fun Disney themes, ensuring that the magic of Disney stays with you even when you retreat to your guest room. The overall quality boils down to clean, well-maintained accommodations that not only promise enchantment but also practicality for a variety of guests, from families with young children to solo travelers.

Bathroom Amenities

Value resorts at Disney World provide the essential amenities to ensure your stay is comfortable. Each room features a private bathroom equipped to meet your basic needs. You’ll find a combination of convenience and functionality in these spaces. Here’s what you can expect.


You’ll find specially formulated shampoo in your resort bathroom. The shampoo at value resorts is often found in wall-mounted dispensers. These dispensers offer a blend suitable for a variety of hair types.


Accompanying the shampoo, the conditioner is also available in a wall-mounted dispenser. It’s designed to leave your hair feeling soft and is gentle enough for daily use.

Body Wash

The body wash provided at value resorts is refreshing and mild on the skin. Dispensers for body wash are conveniently located in the shower area, allowing for easy access.


Your bathroom will be stocked with fluffy, white towels in various sizes. These sizes include bath, hand, and face towels. Towels are replenished daily or upon request.

Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is standard in all bathrooms at Disney World value resorts. You’ll find it either mounted to the wall or in a drawer.

For families needing additional items such as cribs or high chairs, contact the front desk for availability. Housekeeping services are scheduled to clean and maintain the bathroom amenities regularly, enhancing your resort experience. Remember that if you require any special assistance or additional bathroom supplies, the resort staff are ready to help to make certain your stay is as pleasant as possible.

Recreational Amenities

Recreation at Disney World Value Resorts encompasses a variety of entertaining activities designed to provide endless fun for guests of all ages.


Experience the themed pools, which serve as refreshing oases with unique designs and water features. Each value resort boasts at least one main pool that captures the essence of the resort’s theme:

  1. All-Star Movies Resort: The Fantasia Pool invites you to cool off under the watchful eyes of Sorcerer Mickey.
  2. All-Star Sports Resort: Surrounded by larger-than-life sports icons, the Surfboard Bay Pool provides a fun, sporty atmosphere.
  3. All-Star Music Resort: At the guitar-shaped Calypso Pool, melodies and water harmonize to enhance your poolside lounging.
  4. Pop Century Resort: The Hippy Dippy Pool celebrates 1960s spirit with flower-shaped water jets.
  5. Art of Animation Resort: The Big Blue Pool, inspired by Disney•Pixar’s “Finding Nemo,” is the largest resort pool at Walt Disney World Resort.


Engage in sports activities available at the resorts to keep your energy up and fitness levels maintained. Find basketball courts, jogging trails, and playgrounds, perfect for injecting some physical activity into your vacation:

  • Jogging Trails: Venturing around each resort on designated jogging trails offers scenic views alongside physical benefits.
  • Playgrounds: Themed playgrounds are situated throughout the resorts, providing younger guests a place to climb, slide, and play.


The Movies Under the Stars program is a great way to spend a leisurely vacation evening, where you watch free Disney films in an outdoor setting – a magical way to end your day at Disney:

  • Schedule: Check the resort’s activity schedule for movie titles and showtimes.
  • Locations: Outdoor movie screenings rotate between various spots across the resorts, such as near the main pools.

Dining Amenities

Dining options at Disney World Value Resorts cater to a range of tastes with multiple food courts offering a combination of quick service food and snacks. Each value resort features a main dining area designed for convenience, where you can select from various culinary stations serving pizza, pasta, burgers, and salads. At Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Landscape of Flavors boasts an inventive selection of meals, while over at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, the World Premiere Food Court entertains with its movie-themed selections.

When you’re on the go and looking for a quick bite, food courts provide an assortment of options to suit your schedule. Take advantage of the Lightning Lane of dining, the Mobile Order service available via the My Disney Experience app, to save time.

For table service, while value resorts primarily focus on quick dining, nearby sister resorts offer sit-down experiences that you can easily access, providing a wider variety of dining experiences.

Here’s what you can expect at the food courts:

  • Variety: Enjoy diverse menus, from classic American to international flavors.
  • Convenience: With expansive seating and easy-to-navigate stations, meals are stress-free.
  • Speed: The quick service format ensures you can eat and return to the fun swiftly.

Transportation Amenities

Disney World Value Resorts offer a range of transportation amenities to enhance your stay. Bus transportation is a primary service provided, operating from each resort to various theme parks, water parks, and the Disney Springs area. Buses usually run every 20 minutes, ensuring timely transit for your plans.

The Disney Skyliner gondola system presents a unique transportation experience. Its proximity to select resorts allows you to quickly reach EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. The gondola cabins are designed with Disney characters, adding a touch of magic to your commute.

Special Services

Early Theme Park Entry is an amenity allowing you extra time in Disney World’s theme parks. If you’re staying at a Disney Value Resort, you may enter any park 30 minutes before the official opening time. This service is offered on every day, across all four theme parks.

Individual Lightning Lane selections enable expedited access to certain attractions. For attractions not included with the standard Lightning Lane entrance available through Genie+, a separate purchase is necessary per ride. You use the My Disney Experience app to book your Individual Lightning Lane selection. Availability is limited and popular rides can sell out quickly, so plan accordingly.

The Lightning Lane entrance, part of the Disney Genie service, allows you quicker access to attractions. Your stay at a Disney Value Resort includes the opportunity to purchase access to Lightning Lane entrances for select attractions across all four parks. Guests must use the My Disney Experience app to select Lightning Lane times for rides.

  1. Choose your desired theme park.
  2. Follow the app prompts to select Lightning Lane attractions.
  3. Confirm your selections and enjoy reduced wait times.

Unique Experiences and Services

At Disney World Value Resorts, unique experiences and services offer memorable moments beyond the parks. Whether it’s a playful day at the arcade or the thrill of finding the perfect souvenir, these resorts provide delightful experiences directly within your accommodation.


The arcade is a vibrant area where you can engage in interactive gaming fun. At Disney’s All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, and All-Star Sports Resorts, each arcade boasts a selection of video and pinball games suitable for all ages.

Gift Shops

These resorts feature eclectic gift shops where you can find exclusive Disney merchandise. The shops at Disney’s All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, and All-Star Sports overflow with souvenirs ranging from apparel to whimsical accessories. First, discover a wide array of products themed to your favorite Disney characters; then choose items that will serve as tangible memories of your magical stay.

Accommodation Types at Disney Value Resorts

Disney Value Resorts offer an affordable way to enjoy the magic of Walt Disney World while providing comfortable accommodations. The resorts feature both standard rooms and family suites, each with distinctive themes that celebrate Disney’s rich storytelling legacy.

Standard Rooms and Family Suites

You’ll find standard rooms designed to comfortably accommodate up to four guests, typically furnished with two double beds or one king-size bed. Each standard room includes amenities such as a television, mini-fridge, safe, and free Wi-Fi, among others.

Family suites can sleep up to six guests and usually feature a bedroom, two bathrooms, and a kitchenette. These suites are available at select Disney Value Resorts, providing extra space and convenience for larger parties.

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