Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge: Unveiling the Magic of a Safari Experience

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a deluxe resort located within the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Serving as an African lodge-style resort, it boasts immediate proximity to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. You’ll find this hotel unique for its views of lush savannas, where over 200 hoofed animals and birds freely roam.

When you stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, you have options between two intricately themed sections: Jambo House and Kidani Village. Jambo House, the main building, offers a mix of standard rooms and Disney Vacation Club (DVC) accommodations, while Kidani Village is exclusively made up of DVC villas, providing spacious home-like amenities for families.

This family resort prides itself on being non-smoking and provides immersive experiences through its design and activities. As a guest, you can participate in various wildlife viewing opportunities, cultural immersion experiences, and enjoy the diverse flavors of African-inspired cuisine at multiple dining options available within the resort.

Quick Take About Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a resort hotel within the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, inspired by African wildlife preserves and the culture of the native people. The resort features over 30 species of African wildlife, visible from many rooms’ balconies and public viewing areas, immersing guests in a unique savanna setting.

  • Animal Viewing: You can observe giraffes, zebras, and gazelles on the savannas from your room’s balcony, delivering authentic savanna views.
  • Pools: Enjoy a large, heated pool with a waterslide and gentle slopes that cater to all age groups, ensuring a refreshing experience set amidst lush flora.
  • Amenities: Your stay is enhanced with amenities like complimentary transportation, fitness centers, and an array of dining options that cover quick service to fine dining.
  • Safari Experiences: Participate in unique safari tours that offer close-up encounters with the savanna’s wildlife, educating and entertaining simultaneously.

Bold patterns, authentic African artifacts, and the use of rich woods and thatch create a welcoming ambiance that carries through to the sophisticated yet comfortable guest rooms. Employing a wide array of facilities, experiences, and services, the Lodge sustains a balance between adventure and relaxation, delivering a distinctive Disney vacation.

What Is A Walt Disney World Resort?

A Walt Disney World Resort is a themed resort hotel located within the Walt Disney World Resort complex in Florida. These resorts are designed to extend the Disney experience beyond the parks, with themed accommodations, dining, shopping, and entertainment. They offer various categories, including value, moderate, deluxe, and deluxe villa resorts, to cater to different budgets and preferences.

  1. Upon booking a stay, you receive the benefit of early theme park entry.
  2. During your visit, you can enjoy complimentary transportation systems such as buses, monorails, and boats, which connect the resorts to theme parks and other Disney attractions.
  3. As a resort guest, you have the opportunity to select FastPass+ experiences up to 60 days in advance.
  4. Purchasing merchandise within the parks and having it delivered to your resort hotel is another convenience you can experience.

Notably, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is an example of a deluxe resort where you can marvel at the sights and sounds of the African savanna.

What Makes Animal Kingdom Lodge Unique?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a one-of-a-kind resort that immerses you in the heart of African-inspired scenery, complete with an expansive wildlife preserve, intricate African artistry, and deep cultural experiences.

What Is The Story Behind Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Theme And Standout Features?

You’ll find that the architecture and landscapes of the resort are a celebration of African heritage. The lodge is designed to evoke the feeling of a traditional African kraal village while blending seamlessly with the surrounding savanna, where over 30 species of African wildlife roam. African art is prevalent throughout the property, displaying one of the largest collections of African art in the United States. Every detail, from the hand-carved furniture to the woven textiles, enhances your immersive journey into African culture.

How Does The Resort’s History And Its Connection To Walt Disney Enhance Its Uniqueness?

The inception of the Animal Kingdom Lodge is steeped in the legacy of Disney’s dedication to wildlife conservation and storytelling. Opened in 2001, the lodge is a testament to Walt Disney’s vision of leveraging the wonders of nature and culture to create an enchanting hospitality experience. Your visit here is not just a stay‚ it is an exploratory adventure into a land that Walt Disney cherished, offering a unique convergence of a luxury African safari experience with the enchanting magic of Disney.

Where Will You Stay?

Choosing your accommodations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is an essential part of your vacation experience, offering a range of rooms, views, and amenities to suit your preferences and needs.

What Types Of Rooms And Suites Can Guests Choose From?

Rooms at the Animal Kingdom Lodge come in various configurations to cater to both individual guests and families. You can select from standard rooms, studios, or more spacious villas and suites. The options include a standard room with options for king or queen beds, family rooms that provide additional pullout beds for extra space, and suites such as the two-bedroom suite for larger groups. The presidential suite offers the utmost in luxury and space.

Which Amenities Are Included Within Each Room Or Suite?

Every room and suite includes essential amenities to enhance your comfort. Expect to have access to free wifi for your internet needs and a variety of entertainment options. Bell services are available to assist with your luggage. For convenience, all accommodations are non-smoking. A balcony is standard in many rooms, allowing you to take in the views.

What Views And Room Categories Are Available For Selection?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge offers several views and room categories. You can enjoy a serene pool view or opt for a savanna view to watch wildlife from your room. The categories range from a simple pool view room to a more luxurious savanna view studio or suite. The choice will depend on your preferences for scenery and privacy.

Are There Special Features Or Bonus Opportunities Available In Certain Accommodations?

Select accommodations provide special features that enhance your stay. Some suites and villas offer additional perks like access to a concierge service for personalized planning and assistance. Other unique opportunities might include exclusive access to certain areas of the lodge, like a private spa or pool, adding an extra layer of privacy and enjoyment to your stay.

What Is Animal Kingdom Lodge Close To?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a resort situated within the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, offering proximity to Disney’s theme parks, dining, entertainment, and recreational opportunities.

How Close Is The Resort To Disney Theme Parks?

The resort is exceptionally near to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, which is only about 5 minutes away by bus. The other Disney parks, including Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, are within approximately 20 minutes of travel via complimentary Disney transportation services.

What Dining And Entertainment Options Are Nearby?

Dining: Inside the Lodge, you can find multiple restaurants such as ‘Jiko — The Cooking Place’ and ‘Boma — Flavors of Africa’, which offer unique dining experiences.
Entertainment: The Lodge regularly hosts African wildlife experts and offers viewing of over 30 species of African wildlife, such as giraffes on the resort’s Giraffe Trail.

Is The Resort Near Any Water Parks?

The Lodge is a short bus ride away from Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Parks. These exciting destinations feature wave pools, slides, and a lazy river and are approximately 20 minutes from the resort.

Are There Recreational Activities Nearby?

You have access to a variety of recreational activities including:

  1. Animal viewing: Watch wildlife from various points across the resort and on special trails like the aforementioned Giraffe Trail.
  2. Pools: Enjoy the large Uzima pool or relax at Samawati Springs Pool, boasting an exciting waterslide.

Where Are The Nearest Medical Facilities?

For medical needs, the closest facility is AdventHealth Centra Care Lake Buena Vista, which is about a 15-minute drive from the resort. In emergencies, onsite first aid is also available and Cast Members can provide assistance with transportation to medical facilities.

What Are Your Dining Options?

As a guest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, you have a diverse array of dining options that cater to various tastes and dietary needs, from quick bites to gourmet meals featuring African-inspired flavors.

Which On-Site Restaurants Can Guests Enjoy?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is home to several notable restaurants:

  • Jiko — The Cooking Place: Savor a blend of traditional African, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Boma — Flavors of Africa: Enjoy a diverse breakfast buffet and dinner showcasing African dishes.
  • Sanaa: Dine with a view of the savanna and relish in the flavors of African cooking with Indian influences.

Are Quick Service And Table Service Dining Options Available?

  • Quick Service: The Mara offers a casual dining experience where you can grab quick snacks and meals throughout the day.
  • Table Service: Restaurants like Jiko and Sanaa provide full-service dining with advance reservations recommended.

Is Character Dining An Option At Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Character dining is not available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. This resort focuses on offering a culinary journey through African-inspired cuisine and breathtaking views of the savanna.

What Types Of Cuisine And Special Diet Options Are Offered To Guests?

The restaurants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge provide a variety of cuisines:

  • African Cuisine: Experience authentic African dishes across multiple dining venues.
  • Special Diet Options: Menus cater to food allergies and special diet needs upon request.

What Signature Culinary Offerings And Themed Dining Experiences Can Guests Expect?

You can expect the following dining experiences:

  • Signature Dining: Jiko — The Cooking Place features an exclusive selection of African wines.
  • Themed Dining: Sanaa presents an opportunity to dine with sweeping views of the savanna, making it more than just a meal, but a unique encounter with wildlife.

What Tier Is Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a Deluxe Resort, which represents the highest tier of accommodations within the Walt Disney World Resort hotel categories.

How Is The Resort Categorized Within Disney’s Tier System, And What Does This Mean For Guests?

When you stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you’re experiencing Disney’s tier system at its finest, as it falls into the ‘Deluxe Resort’ category. This categorization indicates that the Lodge offers extensive amenities, enhanced room and service quality, and distinctive thematic experiences.

  • Amenities: Deluxe Resorts, including the Animal Kingdom Lodge, provide a variety of superior amenities. You’ll find multiple dining options ranging from quick service to fine dining, fitness centers, swimming pools with slides, and recreational activities.
  • Room Quality: Expect lavishly themed rooms with added comforts such as ample space, signature services, and excellent views that may include sweeping savannas with wildlife. Rooms are well-appointed and designed to enhance your immersion in the African safari theme.
  • Service: Service standards are high, with concierge services available and staff ready to help you plan park visits, dining reservations, and more.
  • Thematic Experience: The Animal Kingdom Lodge is renowned for its unique setting which replicates an African lodge with thatched ceilings, large beams, and real African art collections.

As a guest, these features mean that your stay will be enriched with luxury and convenience, enabling a more memorable vacation experience. Deluxe status also corresponds with higher pricing, reflective of the premium offerings available to you during your visit.

What Can You Do at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge offers a multitude of activities ranging from wildlife encounters to refreshing water activities. Your stay is filled with options to relax, stay fit, and be entertained, all with a unique African twist.

What Pools and Water Activities Does the Resort Offer?

Pool: Immerse yourself in the Uzima Springs Pool, an 11,000-square-foot zero-entry pool with a thrilling waterslide and gently sloping edges. Adjacent to the pool, for younger guests, a wading pool awaits. For quieter moments, the Samawati Springs Pool at Kidani Village offers a relaxing environment, complete with two hot tubs for soaking.

Are Fitness Centers and Spa Services Available for Guests?

Fitness Center: Maintain your fitness regimen at the Zahanati Massage & Fitness Center. Equipped with cardio machines, weights, and a sauna, the facility caters to your health and wellness needs. Spa treatments are also available by appointment, providing massages and facials to enhance your relaxation.

Which Recreational Activities Are Provided for Guest Enjoyment?

Recreation: Engage in a variety of activities, including observing the savannas with over 200 animals and birds, campfire activities, and the Hakuna Matata playground. Additionally, the resort offers Simba’s Clubhouse, an activity center designed for children.

What Types of Entertainment Can Guests Expect During Their Stay?

Entertainment: Experience African-inspired entertainment like storytelling sessions and drumming. Cultural representatives share tales and traditions, adding depth to your stay. Nightly movies under the stars provide fun for the entire family, and the resort’s live music infuses the atmosphere with vibrant rhythms.

What Iconic, Resort-Specific Activities Are Unique to This Location?

Unique Activities: Discover exclusive experiences such as the Wanyama Safari and Dinner for an up-close look at the resort’s wildlife. The cultural tours and animal programs allow you to delve into African heritage and learn about wildlife conservation. Viewpoints throughout the resort offer breathtaking vistas of the savannas, enhancing your connection to the landscape.

Are There Shopping Options Within the Resort?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge offers distinctive shopping experiences featuring African art and a variety of souvenirs.

What Shopping Experiences Are Available On-Site for Guests?

Zawadi Marketplace houses a collection of African arts and crafts. As you browse, you notice an array of intricate items, including hand-painted ceramics and beaded jewelry.

Johari Treasures is the key destination for Disney-themed souvenirs. It’s stocked with apparel, plush toys, and collectible pins, providing you with exclusive mementos from your visit.

Alongside these, there’s an offering of everyday essentials like snacks and sunscreen to ensure your comfort and convenience during the stay.

How Do You Get Around?

Getting around Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and the surrounding Walt Disney World Resort is seamless thanks to numerous transportation options designed for guest convenience.

What Transportation Options Are Available for Guests to Access Disney Parks and Other Attractions?

Bus Service: You have access to complimentary bus service throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, including transportation to and from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom Park, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Buses run approximately every 20 minutes.

  • Park Accessibility: Easily reach other attractions such as water parks and Disney Springs via bus transport.
  • Orlando Sites: For attractions outside of Walt Disney World, options like taxis, ride shares, or car rentals are available.

Are There Unique Resort-Specific Transportation Features Guests Should Know About?

Savanna Views: As a Disney Vacation Club member or resort guest, you can enjoy unique views of the giraffes, zebras, and other wildlife from areas around the lodge.

  • Lodge Layout: Walking is a part of the experience, with intricate paths connecting different areas of the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

The transportation at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is designed to enhance your stay while ensuring you can venture throughout Orlando and the Walt Disney World Resort with ease.

What Makes This Resort Special?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a unique retreat that offers guests a deluxe resort experience with a distinct ambiance inspired by the African savanna.

What Unique Aspects or Historical Significance Does This Resort Hold?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL) stands out with its dedication to African culture and wildlife. Opened in 2001 as part of the Walt Disney World Resort, this hotel is noted for its African wildlife that roams free across four savannas. Guests can experience the thrill of a safari adventure right from the comfort of their villa suite, designed with African art and architecture that reflect a rich historical heritage.

Are There Any Notable Facts or Awards That Guests Should Be Aware of?

AKL has received awards for its conservation efforts and authentic representation of African culture. Notably, it’s recognized as one of the top deluxe resorts within the Walt Disney World Resort. Here’s what you should be aware of:

  1. Conservation: AKL received recognition for its animal care and environmental efforts.
  2. Design Excellence: It’s celebrated for architectural authenticity and intricate design themes.
  3. Guest Satisfaction: Consistently high ratings in guest satisfaction surveys underline its appeal.

What Exclusive Viewing Experiences Does Animal Kingdom Lodge Offer for Fireworks or Parades?

Unlike traditional viewing experiences, AKL does not offer a direct line of sight to fireworks or parades typically visible in other parts of Walt Disney World Resort. However, it compensates with exclusive savanna views from many of its rooms, where you watch giraffes, zebras, and antelopes in their natural habitats. For an enhanced experience, your deluxe resort stay at AKL comes with viewing areas where guides share insights into the lives of the African wildlife surrounding you.

Are There Any Childcare or Children’s Activities Offered?

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, you’ll find a range of childcare services and children’s activities designed to enhance the experience for young guests while providing parents with peace of mind.

What Childcare Services and Children’s Activities Does the Resort Provide?

Childcare at Kidani Village: Kidani Village offers in-room babysitting services, ensuring that children are cared for in a familiar environment. This service is available for children ages 6 months to 12 years and requires an advance reservation.

Simba’s Clubhouse: At Animal Kingdom Lodge, Simba’s Clubhouse is a kids’ club providing supervised activities for children aged 3-12. Your children can enjoy games, crafts, and Disney movies, all under the watchful eye of childcare professionals.

  • Recreational Activities: Animal Kingdom Lodge offers a variety of recreational activities tailored for children, such as African storytelling around a firepit, wildlife games, and cultural immersion activities.
  • Pool Area: The resort features an intricately themed pool area where children can splash and play. Lifeguards are on duty to ensure safety.
  • Animal Viewing: Unique to Animal Kingdom Lodge, children can observe over 30 species of wildlife in naturalistic habitats right from the resort grounds.

At Sanaa, families can enjoy a meal while participating in activities like viewing animals on the savanna through glass walls or taking part in cultural experiences designed for the whole family to learn and have fun.

Note: Activities and services are subject to change; please check with the resort for current offerings and availability.

What Services and Facilities Are Available for Guests with Disabilities?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is committed to providing a wide range of services and facilities designed to ensure a comfortable stay for guests with disabilities.

What Accessibility Features and Services Are Available to Ensure a Comfortable Stay for Guests with Disabilities?

  1. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge offers accessible rooms, which include additional space for maneuverability, grab bars in bathrooms, and roll-in showers for your convenience. Visual fire alarms and door-knock and phone alerts are also available for guests with hearing disabilities.
  2. Wheelchair accessible transportation is provided to various destinations within the Walt Disney World Resort, including the theme parks and water parks, ensuring that you can move freely and enjoy your vacation.
  3. Kidani Village and Jambo House, the two distinct areas of Animal Kingdom Lodge, both provide accessible paths of travel throughout the resort, allowing you to navigate the premises without obstacles.
  4. For a refreshing experience, you have access to wheelchair-accessible pool areas. These areas are equipped with lifts to ensure you can enjoy the pool alongside other amenities.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge emphasizes providing these facilities to ensure an inclusive environment where all guests, regardless of ability, can have an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

How Can Guests Maximize Their Experience with Technology?

Utilizing technology at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge can significantly enhance your stay by providing convenience and added enjoyment.

How Can Guests Use Disney’s Mobile Apps and Other Technological Services to Enhance Their Visit?

Disney’s Mobile Apps: Download the official Walt Disney World app onto your smartphone. Begin by creating an account to manage your trip details. This app allows you to:

  1. Check Room Availability: Securely book and manage your accommodation at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.
  2. Mobile Check-In: Use the app for a hassle-free check-in experience upon arrival.
  3. Access to Real-Time Information: View park hours, wait times for rides, and showtimes for entertainment at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
  4. Mobile Ordering: Order food from select locations within the resort and theme parks to save time.

Pairing the app with the free WiFi across the Walt Disney World Resort, including at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, ensures seamless connectivity and access to these features.

Other Technological Services:

  • Room Keys: Your smartphone can act as a room key allowing you entry to your hotel room.
  • Disney Vacation Club Integration: If you are a Disney Vacation Club member, you can manage your account and reservations through your mobile app.
  • Photopass Service: Link your Disney account to capture and store photos taken by Disney’s photographers around the parks.

Embrace these technological services for a streamlined and enriched Disney experience.

How Do You Plan Your Stay?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a deluxe resort hotel in Orlando, Florida, offering you a unique experience with views of savannas and wildlife. Planning your stay here involves understanding the essential tips, recommendations for families and groups, and logistical advice.

What Essential Tips Should First-Time Visitors Know?

Reserve your accommodations early at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to ensure availability, especially if you’re visiting during peak seasons. Navigate effectively by familiarizing yourself with transportation options; complimentary bus services are available from the lodge to various Disney parks.

  1. Take Advantage of Resort Facilities: Explore amenities such as family rooms, non-smoking environments, and laundry facilities.
  2. Leverage Disney Services: Utilize Disney’s online planning tools to book dining reservations and FastPass+ selections ahead of time.
  3. Understand the Costs: Factor in expenses like free parking available at the hotel but anticipate costs for any additional activities and recreation on-site.

What Recommendations Are Available for Families and Groups Planning Their Visit?

Your stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge can be optimized with thoughtful planning for the group’s comfort and entertainment.

  • Book Suitable Accommodations: Choose family suites or larger rooms to accommodate your group comfortably.
  • Coordinate Dining Plans: Plan meal times by making advance dining reservations suitable for your group’s size.
  • Explore Recreation Together: Engage in recreational activities available at the resort, from animal viewing to swimming.

It’s beneficial to consider the various recreation opportunities and ensure that lodging choices cater to the needs of everyone in the group.

What Logistical Advice Is Crucial for an Optimal Visit?

Effective planning can significantly enhance your visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

  • Plan Transportation: Arrange airport transfers if flying into Orlando and familiarize yourself with the Disney transportation network around resorts and parks.
  • Check-In Online: Utilize Disney’s online check-in service to expedite your arrival process.
  • Download the App: Install Disney’s mobile app for real-time updates on park hours, wait times, and to navigate the resort.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is best enjoyed with structured plans, guiding you toward a memorable stay.

What Are the Best Times to Visit?

Determining the optimal time for your visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge depends on preferences for weather, events, and crowd sizes.

When Is the Best Time to Visit the Resort to Enjoy Seasonal Events, Avoid Crowds, or Take Advantage of the Best Weather?

Weather: You may find the most comfortable weather from mid-September to mid-November, and from late January to early April, when Florida’s climate is milder.

Seasonal Events: For seasonal events at Walt Disney World, plan your stay during late September to early November for fall festivities, or during November and December for holiday celebrations. These experiences often extend to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, enhancing your stay with seasonal decor and activities.

Avoiding Crowds: To avoid larger crowds, schedule your visit during off-peak times, typically when schools are in session. This includes late January through early March or mid-April to mid-June. Keep in mind, however, that events like runDisney races can lead to peak crowds even during these times.

Savanna Views: For an exceptional experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, book a room with a savanna view. The Arusha Savanna, Uzima Savanna, and Sunset Savanna offer distinct animal viewing opportunities. The cooler weather during the recommended months can result in more active animals, making these times ideal for enjoying the savannas.

Remember to book your stay well in advance, as the resort can fill up quickly during these recommended times.

Why Choose Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a resort that offers a unique experience, combining luxury accommodations with an up-close view of African wildlife.

Considering All Aspects, Why Should Guests Choose to Stay at This Resort?

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, you are enveloped in an atmosphere that captures the essence of a safari adventure while offering the comforts of a premium resort. Your journey through the rich tapestry of African culture and wildlife begins here.

Location: The resort is nestled in proximity to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, providing convenient access for guests looking to explore the park’s attractions.

  • Views:
    • Safari: Encounter ostriches, giraffes, zebras, and more right from your room as many accommodations offer views of four lush savannas.
    • Villas: Enjoy a stay at the Disney Vacation Club Villas with either a pool view or a savanna view, with select villas featuring balconies.
    • Suites: Options range from studios to 1-bedroom suites and 2-bedroom suites. The Presidential Suite showcases a king bed and distinct African art, delivering both privacy and grandeur.

Dining: Indulge in culinary delights at Sanaa, serving a fusion of African and Indian flavors, all while admiring the sweeping views of the savanna.


  • Pools: Choose between the Uzima Pool and the Samawati Springs Pool, or let younger guests frolic at the Uwanja Camp.
  • Entertainment: Enjoy a wide range of animal programs and entertainment reflective of an authentic African safari.

Service: Expect exceptional service, with concierge available to enhance your stay, and bell services ensuring the smooth handling of your luggage.

Disney Vacation Club: If you’re a member, you’ll appreciate the exclusive Disney Vacation Club Villas which cater to every need, from a cozy studio to the expansive multi-room Animal Kingdom Villas.

Exclusivity: The Kilimanjaro Club offers concierge service with added benefits like complimentary snacks and a dedicated lounge, elevating your experience.

By choosing Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, you encounter an immersive experience that combines the thrills of an African safari with the exclusivity and amenities of a top-notch resort, designed to create unforgettable memories.

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