RunDisney Events: A Guide to Refunds (or the Lack Thereof)


What happens if something comes up and you’re unable to attend the RunDisney event you’ve registered for? Are you out of luck, or is it possible to get a refund?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Rundisney’s official stance on refunds. While the company has a strict no-refund policy, there are a few situations in which exceptions may be made. We’ll explore these exceptions, as well as some other options that may be available to participants who are unable to attend a RunDisney event.

So, are RunDisney events refundable?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive a refund for a Rundisney event. The company has a strict no-refund policy, which is outlined in the terms and conditions that participants agree to when they register for an event. This policy applies to both in-person and virtual events.

Why aren’t they refundable?

Can you transfer your registration to someone else?

In this article, we’ll answer these questions and take a closer look at RunDisney’s official stance on refunds.

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Can you get a refund for a RunDisney event?

Rundisney is a series of running events that take place at various Disney theme parks around the world. These events include everything from full marathons to shorter distance races, and often have a Disney theme with characters and entertainment along the course. Many people participate in Rundisney events as a way to combine their love of running with their love of all things Disney.

But what happens if you’ve registered for a Rundisney event and something comes up that prevents you from attending? Can you get a refund, or are you out of luck? Let’s take a look at Rundisney’s official stance on refunds.

No, you cannot get a RunDisney refund – they have a strict no-refund policy. It’s in the terms and conditions that participants agree to when they register for an event. This goes for in-person events as well as virtual events.

While RunDisney does not offer refunds in most cases, there may be few situations in which the company may consider making an exception. For example, if the event is cancelled or postponed due to circumstances beyond RunDisney’s control (such as a natural disaster), participants may be eligible to receive a refund or have their registration transferred to a future event.

It’s an exceptionally rare instance where an event is cancelled, even due to bad weather. They have a policy that the even will happen “rain or shine”. Even in the event that there’s lightning in the area which would make holding the event unsafe for participants, their policy is to delay or postpone the event.

If it gets to the point where there is just no possibility that the event can’t be held, the management staff of RunDisney is the one who will make the decision as to whether or not refund your money or apply it to a future event.

Can I sell my spot to someone else?

In addition to the strict no-refund policy, there is also a strict no-transfer policy.

Race entries and bibs are not transferrable from one person to another.

Even with the fun atmosphere that RunDisney events bring, strict policies are in place to protect every participant’s safety and fairness, preventing race entries and bibs from being sold, traded, or transferred.

If you have registered for a RunDisney event, it’s important that you understand that your registration cannot be transferred to other dates either. While you can transfer your registration from one distance to another within the same race (as long as there are spots still available), it’s not transferrable to a different event weekend or to an event that is fully booked or sold out.

This means that if you are unable to attend the event that you have registered for, you will not be able to transfer your registration to a different date or to an event that is already at capacity.

Final thoughts

While the no-refund policy and non-transferability of race entries and bibs may seem strict, it’s important to remember that these policies are in place to ensure the fairness and safety of RunDisney events. Allowing participants to transfer their registrations to other people or to different event weekends could create chaos and confusion, and could potentially compromise the integrity of times and the safety of the participants in the event.

By enforcing these policies, RunDisney is able to ensure that only eligible participants are able to take part in its events, and that the events run smoothly and safely for everyone involved.

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