Disney’s Old Key West Resort Transportation Options: Navigating the Magic

Disney’s Old Key West Transportation Options

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Disney’s Old Key West Resort is a Florida-based hotel and timeshare, themed as a 1900s Key West town. You’ll find a variety of transportation options available to navigate both the resort itself and the surrounding Disney World parks. The efficiency of transportation can significantly enhance your vacation experience, providing convenience and comfort as you travel to various attractions.

To explore the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and more, you can board one of the complimentary buses that run approximately every 20 minutes. Additionally, to enjoy the iconic waterways surrounding Disney’s Old Key West Resort, you have the option of using the water taxi service, offering a scenic and relaxing route to Disney Springs.

For those seeking independence in their travel itinerary or looking to venture beyond the Disney property, car rentals and parking facilities are available. These offer you the flexibility to come and go as you please, perfect for adding non-Disney experiences to your trip or for day trips to nearby attractions.

What Are Your Transportation Options at Disney Resorts?

Disney resorts offer a variety of transportation options for guests to travel between the resort, theme parks, and other destinations. These options are designed to make your vacation experience seamless and enjoyable.

  • Bus Service: At Disney’s Old Key West Resort, complimentary bus transportation is available. You can catch a Disney bus to all theme parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, as well as water parks and Disney Springs.
  • Boat Service: Water taxis offer a scenic route from Disney’s Old Key West Resort to Disney Springs. This tranquil mode of transport provides a picturesque way to travel.
  • Minnie Van Service: For a more personalized journey, Minnie Van service, powered by the Lyft app, can take you to various Disney locales for a fee.
  • Walking Paths: If you prefer to explore on foot, there are walking paths available at the resort leading to certain destinations such as Disney Springs.
  • Parking: If you’re driving, parking is free at Disney resorts for guests staying overnight. Each theme park also offers parking for those who choose to drive themselves.

Remember to check the individual resort schedules for transportation as times may vary, and some services might operate seasonally. Additionally, transportation methods may be subject to change, so always consult with your resort for the most up-to-date information.

How Does the Complimentary Disney Bus Service Work?

Disney’s Old Key West Resort offers a complimentary bus service that transports guests to various Disney parks and attractions. This service is designed for convenience and efficiency.

Where Are the Bus Stops Located at Disney Resorts?

Bus stops at Disney’s Old Key West Resort are strategically positioned throughout the property for ease of access. You can find them near the Hospitality House, Old Turtle Pond Road, South Point Road, and Miller’s Road. These locations serve as central points, allowing you to board a Disney bus bound for different destinations within the Walt Disney World Resort.

What Is the Bus Schedule and How Often Do Buses Run?

Bus schedules may vary, but generally, buses start running 45 minutes before park opening and conclude one hour after park closing. Buses at Disney’s Old Key West Resort tend to arrive approximately every 20 minutes, ensuring you have frequent opportunities to reach your destination without lengthy wait times.

Will I Share a Bus With Other Resorts?

Not typically. Disney bus service for Disney’s Old Key West Resort is usually exclusive to guests staying at this location. This means you will travel directly to your destination without stopping at other resorts, providing a more direct and efficient transportation experience.

Can I Drive Myself to the Disney Parks and What Should I Know About Parking?

Parking is a facility or location where vehicles can be left temporarily. You can drive yourself to the Disney Parks from Disney’s Old Key West Resort. Here is what you should know about parking:

  1. General Parking: For those staying at Disney resorts, standard self-parking at the Disney parks is complimentary. Remember, this benefit is for the duration of your stay.
  2. Preferred Parking: Upgraded parking closer to the park entrance is available for an additional fee. Rates vary depending on the season and park.
  3. Disability Parking: Designated parking areas are available for guests with disabilities. A valid disability parking permit is required.
  4. Electric Vehicle Charging: A limited number of charging stations are offered at select parking lots within the Disney Parks. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Park Hours: Arrive early, as parking lots typically open an hour before the scheduled park opening time. This allows you time to park and reach the park gates.
  6. Oversized Vehicles: Parking for oversized vehicles such as RVs, trailers, and buses, is available but subject to an additional fee that’s more than the standard parking fee.
  7. Payment Methods: Parking fees can be paid via cash, credit card, or a MagicBand if linked to a credit card.
  8. Free Transportation: If you prefer not to drive to the parks, complimentary bus transportation is provided to and from Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

For the most current parking rates and policies, it’s wise to check the official Disney website or to inquire at the front desk of Disney’s Old Key West Resort. Parking regulations and fees are subject to change, so verifying the information before your visit will ensure you are up to date.

How Do I Use Taxi Services, Including Uber and Lyft, at Disney?

Accessing taxi services such as Uber and Lyft at Disney’s Old Key West Resort is a convenient option for transportation. These services provide a flexible and often faster alternative to the resort’s own transportation system.

How Can I Book a Ride and What Are the Costs?

To book a ride with Uber or Lyft, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the respective app onto your smartphone from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Create an account, providing necessary details such as your name, email address, and payment method.
  3. Set your location at Disney’s Old Key West Resort to request a ride.
  4. Choose your destination within the Disney property or beyond.
  5. Select the type of service you prefer, such as a standard ride, premium vehicle, or larger car for groups.
  6. Confirm your ride and wait for the driver’s arrival.

The cost of your ride will vary depending on:

  • The service level you select (standard, premium, etc.)
  • The distance and time of travel
  • The current demand for rides in the area (surge pricing may apply)

Typically, an estimate is provided before you confirm the booking; look for the fare quote in the app. Remember, while you can book your ride immediately, it’s sometimes possible to schedule a ride in advance with Uber, ensuring availability for a specific time. Payment is cashless and handled directly in the app.

What Is the Disney Minnie Van Service and How Do I Book It?

The Disney Minnie Van Service is a personal ride service operated by Disney that offers a convenient and comfortable transportation option exclusively for guests staying at Disney Resort hotels, including the Old Key West Resort.

To book the Minnie Van Service:

  1. Download the Lyft app on your mobile device.
  2. Open the app and sign in with your Lyft account, or create a new one if necessary.
  3. Confirm your location at a Disney Resort and select the Minnie Van Service option.
  4. Follow the prompts to book a ride; you can identify the Minnie Van Service by vehicle choice featuring the distinct Minnie Mouse polka-dot design.

When using the service, remember:

  • The Minnie Van Service operates within the Walt Disney World Resort and to nearby destinations.
  • The service often accommodates up to 6 guests and includes two car seats for the younger members of your party.
  • Operating hours may vary, aligning with park schedules; ensure you verify availability during your intended travel times.

Utilize the Disney Minnie Van Service for a personalized, enjoyable transportation experience on your next Disney vacation.

Are There Walking Paths to Parks and Attractions From My Resort?

Disney’s Old Key West Resort offers scenic walking paths; however, it does not provide direct walking routes to the theme parks.

What Are the Safe and Scenic Walking Routes?

Your resort experience includes several safe and scenic walking paths, ideal for a leisurely stroll or morning jog within the resort itself. These paths meander around the beautifully landscaped grounds, past the golf course, and along the waterways.

  • Conch Flats Walking Path: A picturesque route beginning near Hospitality House with views of the golf course.
  • Old Turtle Pond Road: Offers a tranquil walk with waterway scenes.
  • Use these pathways to enhance your resort stay and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the resort.

How Long Will It Take to Walk?

Walking times within Disney’s Old Key West Resort are relatively short.

  • To the Hospitality House: Approximately 10-15 minutes from most points within the resort.
  • To the Main Pool: Expect a 5-10 minute walk from your villa.

To access Disney theme parks, consider using the complimentary Disney transportation services provided, like buses and boats, since there are no walking paths connecting the resort directly to the parks. Bus transportation typically takes around 20 minutes to reach EPCOT and around 25 minutes to Magic Kingdom, contingent on the wait times for the bus and traffic conditions.

How Does the Disney Skyliner Work and Where Can It Take Me?

The Disney Skyliner is an aerial gondola system that transports guests between various Disney resorts and theme parks. You can experience seamless travel to and from select Disney destinations using this transportation system. Here’s how it operates and the places it can take you to on your vacation:


  1. Board the gondola at any of the Skyliner stations.
  2. Sit back as the gondola swiftly lifts you up and glides along the cables.
  3. Exit the gondola upon reaching your destination station.

The gondolas are designed to provide continuous movement, and stations are strategically located for convenient accessibility to and from the resorts and parks.


  • Epcot: The International Gateway entrance of EPCOT is one of the main stops, allowing for easy entry to the World Showcase.
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: You can visit this iconic park directly from the Skyliner.
  • The system connects several resorts, including:

When planning your itinerary, factor in the Skyliner operating hours, which typically start 30 minutes before the earliest park opening time and end after the latest park closing time. However, these times may vary, so it’s advisable to check the schedule on the day of your visit.

What Are My Options for Water Transportation at Disney?

Water transportation at Disney involves a fleet of watercraft providing transit between Disney resorts and theme parks. It’s an essential part of the Disney vacation experience.

Where Do I Board Watercraft and What Destinations Can I Reach?

To embark on Disney’s water transportation system, locate the docks at your Disney resort or park. These docks act as hubs for various watercraft routes that connect Disney’s Old Key West Resort to other parts of Walt Disney World Resort. Specifically, from Disney’s Old Key West Resort, you can board a water taxi for a leisurely trip to Disney Springs, Disney’s premier shopping, dining, and entertainment complex.

  • Sassagoula River Cruise: This is your main watercraft option from Disney’s Old Key West Resort. It provides serene and scenic transportation to and from Disney Springs, operating daily with departures approximately every 20 minutes, from early morning until late at night.

By choosing water transportation, you amplify your Disney vacation with additional scenic vistas and a relaxed mode of travel between destinations. Remember, always verify the watercraft schedule upon arrival, as they are subject to change based on weather and other factors.

How Can I Use the Disney Monorail to Get Around?

The Disney Monorail is an elevated train system operating at the Walt Disney World Resort. It provides a convenient mode of transportation between the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and select Disney Resorts. To utilize this service, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Nearest Monorail Station: Begin at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, or any of the connected resorts: the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, the Polynesian Village Resort, and the Contemporary Resort.
  2. Understand the Routes: There are three separate monorail lines:
    • The Resort Monorail, which stops at all the resorts and the Magic Kingdom.
    • The Express Monorail, directly linking the Magic Kingdom and the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC).
    • The Epcot Monorail, providing a direct route between the TTC and Epcot.
  3. Wait Times and Hours: Operate usually from 30 minutes before the earliest park opening until one hour after the latest park closing. Wait times can vary, typically ranging from 5 to 20 minutes between trains.
  4. Boarding: When a monorail arrives, let passengers exit before you board. Choose a car, and find a seat or hold onto the handrails if standing.

Tips for Efficient Travel:

  • Visit during non-peak hours for a less crowded experience.
  • If traveling to EPCOT from a resort on the Resort Monorail, transfer at the TTC.

Remember, while Old Key West Resort does not have a direct monorail connection, you can access the monorail system by taking a Disney bus to the nearest monorail station.

What Accessibility Options Are Available in Disney Transportation?

Accessibility refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people with disabilities. Disney Resort provides accessible transportation options to ensure all guests can navigate the resort with ease, including those with mobility disabilities or other accessibility needs.

  • Buses: When you travel by bus, you will find each one equipped with a wheelchair lift. If you require assistance, inform the bus driver, and they will help you board safely.
  • Boats: Select watercraft offer accessibility options such as ramps or lifts to accommodate guests who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices. Crew members are available to assist with boarding and disembarking.
  • Monorail: The Monorail system includes an elevator at each station and level boarding platforms. A Cast Member will guide you to the appropriate car that is equipped for wheelchair access.
  • Parking: Accessible parking spaces are available close to the entrance of each theme park. Display your valid disability parking permit to use these spots.
  • Disney’s Magical Express: For airport transportation, advance notification is required to ensure an accessible vehicle. Contact Disney’s Magical Express 48 hours prior to your arrival.

Disney strives to ensure that your transportation during your vacation is as seamless as possible. Remember to plan ahead and allow extra time for transportation to and from destinations within the resort.

How Should I Plan My Disney Transportation in Advance?

When planning your transportation at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, it’s crucial to consider travel times and options available to maximize your vacation experience.

What Are the Best Times to Travel Between Locations?

Morning Commute: Aim to travel before 8:00 AM when heading to the parks. Disney transportation starts running approximately 45 minutes before the parks open, but leaving earlier ensures a smooth start to your day.

Park Hopping: Afternoon travel usually peaks around 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. To streamline your park hopping experience, it’s recommended to move between parks outside of these hours.

Evening Returns: The rush back to the resort peaks post-fireworks; travel just before park closing or wait until the crowds thin out about an hour later to avoid long waits for your return trip.

  • Buses: Typically arrive every 20 minutes; check the current schedule as times can vary.
  • Boat: If you’re traveling to Disney Springs from Old Key West Resort, the boat service is a relaxing option with departures every 20-30 minutes.
  • Walking or Biking: For nearby destinations within the resort, consider walking or biking for a quick and scenic route.

Relevant factors like park hours, special events, and weather can affect transportation times. Check the My Disney Experience app for real-time updates during your stay. Prioritize travel during off-peak hours for convenience.

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