Disney’s Old Key West Resort Transportation to Blizzard Beach: Your Guide to Seamless Travel

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Disney’s Old Key West Resort is a hotel in Walt Disney World Resort, offering a quaint, relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of the Florida Keys. This family-friendly resort provides convenient accommodation options for guests visiting the various theme parks and attractions within the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, including the popular water park Blizzard Beach. It is important for guests staying at Disney’s Old Key West Resort to understand their transportation options to access Blizzard Beach for a day of water-filled fun.

Blizzard Beach, one of two water parks within Walt Disney World Resort, features a unique winter-themed setting with waterslides, wave pools, and a chairlift attraction. When planning your visit from Disney’s Old Key West Resort to Blizzard Beach, you should consider the different available transport methods. Disney provides complimentary bus transportation to Blizzard Beach, with buses typically running every 20 minutes or so. This bus service starts approximately one hour before the water park opens and continues until park closing.

Additionally, for guests looking to explore other transportation avenues, options such as taxi services, ride-share programs, or car rentals are available. The journey to Blizzard Beach by road is relatively short, and clear signage throughout the Walt Disney World Resort ensures that driving is a straightforward option for those with their own transportation. It’s advisable to check the park opening schedules and potential transportation changes during your stay to ensure a seamless travel experience to Blizzard Beach from Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

Disney Bus Service

Disney’s bus service offers a convenient, no-cost transportation option for guests traveling throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, including Disney’s Old Key West Resort and Blizzard Beach.

Coverage and Availability

Disney’s bus service operates a comprehensive network that connects all of its theme parks and water parks, including Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon, as well as the numerous Disney resort hotels. The buses typically run every 20 minutes, although you may experience shorter or longer waiting times depending on the time of day and park hours.

  • Find bus stops: Bus stops are located near the entrance of each park and at designated areas in each resort.
  • Enjoy free service: The bus transportation is included with your stay at a Disney resort, so take advantage of this free amenity.
  • Note park-to-park service: Buses do not offer direct park-to-park service, except in the case of Magic Kingdom and Epcot, which may be connected via the monorail system.

If you’re staying at Disney’s Old Key West Resort and wish to visit Blizzard Beach, you can catch a bus from the resort bus stop, keeping in mind that timing and availability might vary, especially during park opening and closing hours. Remember to check the schedule posted at the bus stop for the most accurate departure times.

Disney Water Transportation

Disney Water Transportation offers a charming and leisurely way for guests to navigate the waters around Walt Disney World Resort. This system includes a fleet of ferry boats connecting various destinations.

Unique Travel Experience

Travel to Blizzard Beach from Disney’s Old Key West Resort by ferry boat adds a memorable twist to your journey. First, locate the boat dock at Old Key West Resort; it’s your gateway to a relaxing cruise through Disney’s waterways. Next, board the ferry for a scenic route that will connect you with Disney Springs. Remember, while there is no direct water route from Old Key West to Blizzard Beach, Disney water transportation can bring you partway there. After arriving at Disney Springs, you’ll transition to a bus service to reach Blizzard Beach.

To enhance your understanding, here’s how the connection works:

  1. Depart from Old Key West Resort dock. You’ll be surrounded by the laid-back, tropical ambiance of the Disney Deluxe Villas.
  2. Savor the breezy ride to Disney Springs. This leg of the trip often becomes a highlight for many guests seeking to relax and enjoy the scenery.
  3. Transfer at Disney Springs. It’s a seamless switch from the serenity of the water to the convenience of Disney’s complimentary bus transportation network.
  4. Conclude your travel at Blizzard Beach. The excitement of a fun-filled day at the water park awaits!

While staying at Saratoga Springs Resort, you have a similar Disney water transportation opportunity, with boats ready to enhance your resort experience. The ferry service effectively links guests with the unique entertainment, dining, and shopping options found at Disney Springs. Remember, to reach Blizzard Beach, you will need to board a bus from Disney Springs.

Monorail Connectivity

The Disney Monorail is an elevated rail system serving various locations within the Walt Disney World Resort, including key resort hotels and theme parks. It’s known for its unique “highway in the sky” experience.

Speed and Efficiency

You find that the monorail system offers a quick and convenient travel option. You can reach the parks and select resorts with ease.

  • First, board the monorail at Disney’s Old Key West Resort by taking the complimentary resort bus to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC).
  • Second, you will transfer to the Resort Monorail, which includes stops at the Contemporary Resort, the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and the Polynesian Village Resort.
  • Third, although there is no direct monorail service to Blizzard Beach from Old Key West, you can use the resort monorail to reach the Contemporary Resort and then use a bus to get to Blizzard Beach.

Travel times may vary, but the monorail typically moves swiftly, making it a popular choice for resort guests. The speed of the monorail allows you to enjoy more of your day at the parks, with less time spent in transit.

Disney Skyliner Access

Disney Skyliner is a gondola lift system that connects Disney’s Old Key West Resort with multiple other resorts and theme parks, including Disney’s Blizzard Beach. As a guest, you have the option to enjoy this complimentary aerial transportation system, which enhances your vacation experience by providing a unique birds-eye view of the resort.

Scenic Travel Routes

Route to Blizzard Beach: Start by catching a bus from Disney’s Old Key West Resort to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Here, you board the Disney Skyliner. Your scenic journey will first take you to Disney’s Riviera Resort, continuing to Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. There is no direct Skyliner service to Blizzard Beach; therefore, a bus transfer from one of these resorts is necessary to reach your final destination.


  1. Board a bus at Disney’s Old Key West Resort to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.
  2. Transfer to the Disney Skyliner at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort station.
  3. Enjoy the overhead trip to Disney’s Riviera Resort as your first point of interest.
  4. Proceed to glide over to Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort for further exploration opportunities.
  5. To complete your trip to Blizzard Beach, disembark from the Skyliner and catch a bus at the nearest station to the water park.

Walking Paths

When you stay at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, you have convenient walking paths at your disposal that enable you to explore the area and reach Blizzard Beach with ease.

Direct and Enjoyable Routes

Direct route to beach: For the most straightforward access to Blizzard Beach from Old Key West Resort, you’ll need to take complementary Disney transportation, as there are no direct walking paths connecting these two points.

However, if you’re looking to enjoy a scenic walk to other destinations, Old Key West Resort is strategically located to provide serene walking paths to the Boardwalk Inn, Yacht Club, and Beach Club. Here’s how you can navigate:

1. Boardwalk Inn: Depart from Old Key West Resort and follow the signs guiding you along the banks of the shimmering waterways. This route will lead you to the Boardwalk Inn, where you can savour the whimsical sights of the boardwalk en route.

2. Yacht Club and Beach Club: Continue past the Boardwalk Inn, and you’ll arrive at the Yacht Club and Beach Club Resorts. These paths are not only functional but also picturesque, allowing you to luxuriate in the beautiful landscapes.

Tips for walkers: Ensure you wear comfortable footwear and stay hydrated, especially during warm weather. Take advantage of the various rest areas along the paths to make your trek more enjoyable.

Remember, while you soak in the Florida sunshine along these paths, you’re also getting the opportunity to explore the broader Walt Disney World Resort, making your journey to Blizzard Beach and surrounding destinations part of the adventure.

Ride-Sharing Options

When staying at Disney’s Old Key West Resort and planning a visit to Blizzard Beach, you have the convenience of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, which offer a flexible alternative to traditional park transportation.

Flexible Transportation

You can summon a ride-sharing service with ease using your smartphone. Services like Uber and Lyft are readily available throughout the Disney World area, including Disney Springs. Here’s how to utilize these services effectively:

  1. Download: First, ensure you have the Uber or Lyft app installed on your mobile device.
  2. Request: When you’re ready to head to Blizzard Beach, open the app and input your destination.
  3. Ride: An estimated time of arrival will be provided; you can track your driver’s approach in real-time.

Both Uber and Lyft offer various vehicle sizes to accommodate your group or family. For instance, if you need a larger vehicle, options like UberXL or Lyft XL are available for an additional fee. Payment is seamlessly handled through the app, which includes tipping, so there’s no need for cash transactions.

Be sure to check the apps for any special promotions or discounts that might apply, as these can often reduce the cost of your trip. Additionally, arranging your return trip in advance can save time and ensure a smooth transition back to your resort after your day at Blizzard Beach.

Taxi Services

When considering transportation from Disney’s Old Key West Resort to Blizzard Beach, taxi services offer a reliable and readily available option.

Convenience and Availability

Finding a taxi at Disney’s Old Key West Resort is hassle-free. Mears Taxi, one of Orlando’s prominent taxi providers, operates with high availability, ensuring that you can often find a taxi without significant waiting times. To secure a service, simply approach the resort’s front desk or use one of the available taxi stands.

For your convenience, taxis are on standby throughout the day. Booking a ride in advance is optional but recommended during peak hours for a smoother experience. If you prefer, you may also schedule a taxi using a smartphone app or by calling the service directly.

Remember, when you opt for a taxi, travel times can be as brief as 15 minutes to reach Blizzard Beach, depending on traffic conditions. This direct method of transportation allows you to arrive at your destination expediently without the need for multiple stops.

Personal Vehicles and Parking

When visiting Disney’s Old Key West Resort, personal vehicles are a convenient option for transportation to nearby Blizzard Beach.

Resort Access and Policies

Disney’s Old Key West Resort is part of the Disney Vacation Club and offers Florida-themed Disney Deluxe Villas. Parking is complimentary for guests staying overnight at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. As a resort guest, you have the privilege of parking your vehicle close to your villa for easy access.

Resort parking is also available for visitors who are not staying overnight but have dining reservations at the resort’s restaurants. Prepare your ID and reservation confirmation when entering the resort; security personnel will assist you. Access policies enforce that parking is designated only for the use of resort facilities or dining.

Non-registered guests without a dining reservation may be subject to parking at Disney Springs and using the complimentary Disney transportation to the resort. If you’re a Disney Vacation Club member not staying at the resort but wish to visit, contact Member Services for potential parking options.

For your visit to Blizzard Beach, you may drive and park at the water park’s lot. Blizzard Beach parking is complimentary for all guests, which means you won’t have to worry about additional fees for your day at the water park.

Remember to display your parking permit provided at check-in on your vehicle’s dashboard. This will ensure the security team identifies your vehicle as authorized to use the resort’s parking facilities.

Minnie Van Service

Minnie Van Service, a personalized ride service, provides a convenient and comfortable way for guests to travel directly to Blizzard Beach from Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

Premium Travel Option

You gain access to Minnie Vans, which are private Disney-themed vehicles operating within the Walt Disney World Resort, including areas like Bay Lake and Disney Springs. These vehicles are a premium travel option compared to standard park transportation, offering a more direct and efficient route to your destination.

  1. Book the Minnie Van: Through the Lyft app, you can directly request a Minnie Van for exclusive use.
  2. Travel in Style: Each Minnie Van is a Chevrolet Traverse or similar vehicle, featuring whimsical Disney touches.
  3. Enjoy Comfort: Accommodating up to 6 guests, Minnie Vans provide a high level of comfort with two car seats available upon request.
  4. Navigate Easily: Minnie Van drivers are knowledgeable Cast Members familiar with all the routes within the Walt Disney World Resort.

You benefit from a personalized trip without stops at other Disney locations, ensuring a quicker journey to Blizzard Beach. This service operates with an associated cost, which will be directly billed through the Lyft app after your ride completion.

Car Service Travel

Car services are professional transportation options that offer convenience and a personalized travel experience to guests at Disney’s Old Key West Resort wanting to visit Blizzard Beach.

Luxury and Comfort

Car services provide a luxury experience, ensuring comfort during your travel from Disney’s Old Key West Resort to Blizzard Beach. When you book a car service, expect to ride in vehicles featuring plush seating and climate control. Choose from a range of premium vehicles catered to your group’s size and preferences. Luxury sedans are an excellent choice for couples, while larger SUVs or vans accommodate families or groups. Specify your preferences when booking to guarantee the vehicle that fits your needs awaits you at the Hospitality House.

For a touch of elegance, select a service that includes amenities such as bottled water and onboard entertainment systems. These services often come with professional drivers who possess in-depth knowledge of the best routes, ensuring your journey is not just comfortable but efficient as well. Be sure to inquire about these features when making your reservation; companies often list them under their service options or amenity features.

Remember, timely reservation is essential; car services require advance booking. Contact the provider directly or request assistance from the concierge at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. They can offer recommendations and facilitate your booking, especially if you are staying at a location like the Beach Club or Wilderness Lodge, which also use these services. Make reservations early to secure your preferred travel time and avoid potential wait times during peak seasons or hours.

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