Your Ultimate Guide to Parking at Disney World: Fees, Tips, and More

Fees, Tips, & More - the ultmate guide to parking at Disney World

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Walt Disney World Resort offers numerous parking options for guests visiting its theme parks. When planning a trip to Disney World, understanding the parking fees and options is crucial, as this can affect your travel budget and overall experience.

Standard parking for a car or motorcycle at any of the Disney World theme parks will cost you. There are different parking options, including preferred parking closer to the parks’ entrances. Each park provides ample parking spaces, and the parking fee includes parking at all Disney theme parks for the day.

Disney World also offers complimentary transportation options between the parks, resorts, and entertainment venues. If you’re staying at a Disney Resort hotel, you can enjoy free standard self-parking at the parks. Electric vehicle charging stations are available at select parking lots, subject to the usual parking fees plus a charging cost.

Maximizing Your Disney World Visit: Parking Fees and Passes

When visiting Disney World, understanding the most current parking fee structures and pass benefits ensures a seamless experience.

Latest Parking Fee Structures for 2024

Standard parking fees for a car or motorcycle at all four Walt Disney World theme parks are $30 per day. For oversize vehicles like RVs, the fee is $35 per day, and for preferred parking, it’s $45-$50 per day depending on the season. Once you’ve paid for the day, you may park at any of the other parks without additional cost. Disney resort hotel guests receive complimentary standard parking at the theme parks.

Parking Cost Location Vehicle Type
$30 Magic Kingdom Car/Motorcycle (Standard)
$40, $45, $50 Magic Kingdom Car/Motorcycle (Preferred)
$35 Magic Kingdom Oversized Vehicles
$30 EPCOT Car/Motorcycle (Standard)
$40, $45, $50 EPCOT Car/Motorcycle (Preferred)
$35 EPCOT Oversized Vehicles
$30 Disney’s Hollywood Studios Car/Motorcycle (Standard)
$40, $45, $50 Disney’s Hollywood Studios Car/Motorcycle (Preferred)
$35 Disney’s Hollywood Studios Oversized Vehicles
$30 Disney’s Animal Kingdom Car/Motorcycle (Standard)
$40, $45, $50 Disney’s Animal Kingdom Car/Motorcycle (Preferred)
$35 Disney’s Animal Kingdom Oversized Vehicles
Free Disney Resort Hotels Guests’ vehicles (Standard)
$20 per night Disney Resort Hotels Overnight (Value resorts)
$25 per night Disney Resort Hotels Overnight (Moderate resorts)
$25 per night Disney Resort Hotels Overnight (Deluxe & Deluxe Villa resorts)
Free Disney Springs All vehicles
Varies Valet Parking At select locations

Key aspects and factors:

  • Standard Parking: Fee applies to cars and motorcycles for one-day access to all theme parks.
  • Preferred Parking: Fee varies ($40, $45, or $50) based on location within the parking lot for closer access to the entrance.
  • Oversized Vehicle Parking: Applies to shuttles, limos, camper trailers, RVs, buses, or tractor trailers.
  • Disney Resort Hotel Parking: Overnight parking fees apply to guests staying at the resorts, varying by the category of the resort.
  • Disney Springs: Offers free parking for all visitors.
  • Valet Parking: Available at select locations, with prices varying.

Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members Parking Benefits

If you’re an Annual Passholder, you’re entitled to free standard parking at the theme parks. Disney Vacation Club Members staying on points also enjoy complimentary standard parking. When visiting a Disney resort hotel either for dining, shopping, or recreation, you might not need to pay for parking, but this is subject to change and should be confirmed with the individual resort.

Understanding the Parking Pass System at Disney World

After you pay for parking at one of the Disney World parks, keep your receipt. It’s your all-day access to parking lots at any of the other theme parks. Just present the receipt if you decide to hop between parks during the day. For multi-day visits, consider purchasing a length-of-stay parking pass for convenience, which covers parking for the total duration of your stay at Disney World resorts.

Understanding Parking Options at Walt Disney World Resort

Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort have several parking choices categorized by convenience and price: standard parking, preferred parking, and valet parking.

Comparing Standard, Preferred, and Valet Parking

Standard parking is the base option and typically involves parking in large outdoor lots. The parking fee for a standard car or motorcycle is $25 per day. Oversized vehicles, such as RVs and trailers, have a higher fee of $30 per day. Lots are located a considerable distance from the theme park entrances, but complimentary tram services are available.

Preferred parking provides convenience with spots closer to the entrance at $45-$50 per day for a standard-sized vehicle. It is ideal for guests who desire a shorter walk to the parks.

Valet parking is available at select Disney Deluxe Resorts and requires a fee of $33 for the entire duration of your stay, regardless of how many times you come and go. Remember, if you dine at a Resort, valet services are complimentary.

Disney Resort Hotel Guest Benefits

Staying at a Disney Resort hotel brings the perk of complimentary standard self-parking at the theme parks and your hotel. However, overnight parking at your Disney Resort hotel incurs a fee that varies by category: $15 per night at Value Resorts, $20 per night at Moderate Resorts, and $25 per night at Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts.

Free Parking at Disney Springs: What You Need to Know

Disney Springs offers complimentary parking. The parking areas are named after fruits native to Florida: Orange, Lime, Grapefruit, Watermelon, and Mango. There’s also the Lemon parking garage available for your convenience. Valet parking is also an option at Disney Springs at a rate of $20, offering an elevated level of service for those preferring a more hands-off approach.

Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios Parking Tips

Parking at the Disney World Theme Parks

Parking at Walt Disney World theme parks is crucial for your experience. Efficiently parking your vehicle can lead to a smoother start to your day at the parks.

Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios Parking Tips

You can find parking at all four theme parks—Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Magic Kingdom: You’ll park at the Ticket and Transportation Center and take a monorail or ferry to the entrance.
  • Epcot: Parking here is adjacent to the park entrance, but remember the lot is large, so note your row number.
  • Animal Kingdom: This park’s lot is close to the entrance, and a tram service is available to the gates.
  • Hollywood Studios: Parking is similarly convenient with tram service if you’re parked far from the entrance.

Use signage to guide you to the correct lot, as attendants will direct you to the appropriate area based on the day’s traffic.

Utilizing the Disney Experience App for Parking Information

The My Disney Experience app is a valuable tool for parking information:

  • Check for real-time parking availability and suggestions.
  • Use the app to remember your parking spot by entering the details into the mobile app.

Make sure you download and set up the My Disney Experience app prior to your visit for the most seamless experience.

Special Parking Considerations for Disney Guests

Special Parking Considerations for Disney Guests

When visiting Disney World, guests should be aware of special parking options that cater to various needs, including those with disabilities, electric vehicles, and oversize vehicles.

Parking for Guests with Disabilities: Accessibility and Convenience

Walt Disney World provides specific accommodations for guests with disabilities to ensure convenient parking access throughout its theme parks, water parks, and resort hotels. These accommodations include designated parking areas that are closer to the entrance of each location, making it easier for guests with disabilities to access the parks and their amenities.

Guests with a valid disability parking permit or license plate can use these designated parking spaces. These areas are intended to provide the shortest and most accessible route for individuals who may have mobility impairments or other disabilities requiring closer proximity to entrance points.

At the theme parks, guests with disabilities should follow the signs to the parking areas designated for guests with disabilities or inquire with a Cast Member upon arrival for directions. Similarly, at the Disney Resort hotels and water parks, designated parking spaces are available for guests with disabilities, located near the main entrance for easy access.

It’s important to note that while these parking spaces are provided to accommodate guests with disabilities, the standard parking fees apply at theme parks and for overnight parking at Disney Resort hotels. However, these accommodations ensure that all guests, including those with disabilities, can enjoy a more accessible and enjoyable experience at Walt Disney World.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Disney World

For guests with electric vehicles (EVs), charging stations are available in select parking areas. To use a charging station, you must pay a fee via a credit card or chargeable account. After parking, connect your electric vehicle to the available charging station and enjoy your day at the park.

RV and Oversize Vehicle Parking at Walt Disney World

Special parking is provided for RVs and other oversize vehicles. The parking fee for such vehicles is higher due to the larger space they occupy—be prepared for this additional cost. Oversize vehicle parking is separate from standard car parking and may be farther from the park entrances.

Insider Tips on Parking at Walt Disney World

Effective parking strategies at Walt Disney World can enhance your experience, keeping stress levels low and enjoyment high. Check the Disney World crowd calendar before you plan your visit, as it will help you determine the best times and approaches for parking.

Best Times to Arrive at the Theme Parks to Avoid Parking Hassles

To avoid parking hassles, aim to arrive at the theme parks 45 minutes to 1 hour before rope drop. This will help you secure a good spot as parking areas fill up quickly after opening. On days with lighter expected attendances, according to the crowd calendar, arrival windows can be more flexible.

How to Maximize the Use of Disney’s Complimentary Transportation

Leverage Disney’s Complimentary Transportation system by parking at your Disney resort and utilizing the various modes of transport provided. Buses, monorails, boats, and the Disney Skyliner can efficiently ferry you to and from the parks, allowing you to bypass the regular parking routine altogether.

Secrets to Finding the Best Parking Spots at Disney World

To find the best parking spots, familiarize yourself with the layout of each Disney World parking lot. Preferred parking offers closer spots to the entrances but at a higher cost. For standard parking, lots closer to the trams and walkways will significantly shorten your trek to the theme park entrances. Keep an eye out for cast members who can guide you to the most strategic open spots upon arrival.

Avoiding Common Parking Mistakes at Disney World

To ensure a smooth visit to Disney World, be aware of the parking nuances, such as free parking options and tram services, to avoid common mistakes.

Overlooking Free Parking Opportunities at Disney Resort Hotels

Disney Resort Hotels offer complimentary parking to guests staying overnight, those with disabilities, and visitors dining at a hotel restaurant. If you’re staying at a Disney Resort, validate your parking to use this privilege. For day guests dining at a Disney hotel, show your confirmed dining reservation to receive free parking.

Underestimating the Size of Disney’s Parking Lots and Transportation Time

Disney’s parking lots are extensive. From parking to entrance, allocate at least an hour to ensure timely arrival at your desired destination. Follow signs to the designated parking area upon driving in and remember your lot’s name for easier navigation when leaving.

Misunderstanding the Parking Lot Tram System and Walking Distances

The parking lot trams help navigate the large distance from your car to the Transportation and Ticket Center. Trams do not run continuously; waiting times can vary. After using the tram, walking might still be required to reach your destination, so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for possible walks.

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