Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside Transportation: Effortless Magic Kingdom Access

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Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside offers guests a charming thematic experience reminiscent of the rural Louisiana bayou. This resort, as part of the Walt Disney World Resort complex, provides a variety of transportation options for accessing the different parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, as well as the water parks Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

For your visits to Magic Kingdom, one of the most iconic Disney parks, the resort ensures your travel is hassle-free with its complimentary transportation services. Buses run regularly from the resort to Magic Kingdom, providing a convenient and accessible way to reach the park. Accessible transportation is available for guests with disabilities, ensuring everyone can enjoy the magic of Disney.

The resort’s vicinity to Disney Springs affords an additional transportation perk: water taxis. Not only can you use these to explore the shopping, dining, and entertainment offerings at Disney Springs, but it’s also a relaxing way to travel and soak in the scenic views. Remember, the complimentary transportation also connects to other parks, offering you a seamless Disney experience across all the attractions.

Bus Service

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside offers complimentary bus transportation to the Magic Kingdom. You can find multiple bus stops spread throughout the property, making it convenient to access this service from any location within the resort. Buses run approximately every 20 minutes, ensuring that you will have multiple opportunities to catch a ride to your destination. This service typically begins 45 minutes prior to park opening and continues until one hour after park closing.

To use the bus service effectively:

  1. Locate the nearest bus stop to your accommodation. Each stop is clearly marked and includes a bench and a shelter for comfort.
  2. Board the bus marked with “Magic Kingdom” as its destination.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the ride, which will take you directly to the Magic Kingdom without any additional stops.
  4. Remember that the return trip will also pick up at designated bus stops within the Magic Kingdom bus area, marked with “Port Orleans Resort – Riverside.”

The journey is estimated to take about 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Keep in mind that during peak times, buses may be more crowded, and you may experience a longer wait. Disney’s bus service includes air-conditioning and is designed for comfort, allowing you to relax in transit. This efficient and convenient mode of transportation is included with your stay, eliminating the need to drive and park your vehicle.

Water Transportation

Taking a boat from Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside to the Magic Kingdom offers a serene and scenic journey. This water-based transport option is a hallmark amenity for guests staying at the resort.

Boat Services

You can board a boat directly from the docks at Port Orleans Riverside Resort. A fleet of watercraft provides regular service to and from Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and the French Quarter. The boats, also known as water taxis, offer a convenient and enjoyable transportation alternative.

  • Frequency: Boats depart approximately every 20 minutes.
  • Operating Hours: Service typically begins 30 minutes before park opening and ends 1 hour after park closing.
  • Capacity: Each boat can accommodate various guest numbers, including standing passengers.

Remember to check the daily water taxi schedule posted at the dock for the most accurate departure times.

Water Taxi

Your journey on the Sassagoula River onboard a water taxi is not only a mode of transportation but a chance to experience the picturesque landscapes around you. This specific service:

  • Start point: Begins at the dock of Port Orleans Riverside Resort.
  • Route: Traverses the Sassagoula River giving you a unique view of the resort’s lush surroundings.
  • Docking: The water taxi makes stops at key locations, with the Magic Kingdom being a prime destination.

Enjoy the scenery and relax as you glide across the water, making your way to the heart of Walt Disney World®.

Monorail Connections

A monorail is a transportation system that utilizes a single rail, typically elevated, and used for mass transit. Disney’s Monorail System provides a quick and efficient transportation route for guests staying at the monorail resorts to reach the Magic Kingdom park. You can connect to the monorail line at one of the three deluxe resorts: the Contemporary, the Polynesian Village, and the Grand Floridian.

  1. Board the monorail at the Contemporary Resort if you prefer the first stop on the loop. This resort features a modern theme and is located within walking distance to Magic Kingdom.

  2. The Polynesian Village Resort offers a South Pacific theme. As the second stop, the monorail from here provides an immersive travel experience reflecting the resort’s island-inspired atmosphere.

  3. The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is styled after a Victorian seaside resort. Catching the monorail from here places you at the third stop before reaching the Magic Kingdom.

  • To reach any monorail station from Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, take a Disney bus to the Magic Kingdom park.
  • Once at the Magic Kingdom park, Transfer to the monorail route via the station outside the park entrance.

Remember, each of these resorts has their own distinctive style, which enhances the transport experience. The Contemporary, in particular, has the unique feature of the monorail actually running through the building, making it a popular choice for those looking for a special feature on their journey.

Disney Skyliner

The Disney Skyliner is an aerial gondola system providing transportation between various locations within Walt Disney World Resort. It offers a unique birds-eye view of the resort.

  • Opening Date: The system opened to guests on September 29, 2019.
  • Stations: There are five main stations:
    1. EPCOT
    2. Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    3. Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
    4. Disney’s Rivera Resort
    5. The Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts

To travel to the Magic Kingdom, you must reach one of the two nearby Disney parks through the Skyliner: EPCOT or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. From either park, you can use alternative transportation to the Magic Kingdom.

Route to EPCOT:

  • Board the Skyliner at any participating station.
  • Change gondolas at the Caribbean Beach Resort station.
  • Continue to the EPCOT station at the International Gateway entrance.

Route to Hollywood Studios:

  • Board at any station with direct service to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  • Arrive at the Hollywood Studios station.

Transfer Instructions:

  • Upon arrival at EPCOT or Hollywood Studios, disembark the Skyliner.
  • Proceed to the park’s bus transportation area.
  • Board the bus marked for the Magic Kingdom.

Remember, you must have valid admission for EPCOT or Hollywood Studios if you are entering those parks during your transfer. The Disney Skyliner operates with the following hours, but they may vary:

  • Operating Hours: Typically, from 30 minutes prior to the earliest park opening until one hour after the latest park closing.

Walking Paths

Walking paths provide a designated route for pedestrians to travel on foot. At Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, you won’t find a walking path directly to Magic Kingdom. However, if you’re interested in a leisurely stroll, there are walking paths within the resort itself and to other Disney resorts.

  1. Explore the paths within Port Orleans Resort – Riverside. These pathways meander along the picturesque Sassagoula River, offering tranquil views and benches for resting.

  2. Connect with nearby resorts such as Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter via walking paths. The scenic riverside walk joins both resorts and makes for a pleasant morning or evening activity.

To visit Magic Kingdom, alternative transportation methods must be used, as walking is not a viable option. Guests typically use the complimentary Disney bus service, water taxis, or their own vehicle to reach the park.

Guests with wheelchairs or ECVs can comfortably navigate the walking paths at Port Orleans Resort – Riverside. These pathways are designed to be accessible, ensuring that all guests can enjoy the natural beauty of the resort.

While walking to Magic Kingdom is not possible, the experience of exploring the lush grounds of Port Orleans – Riverside can be a tranquil and enjoyable part of your Disney vacation. Enjoy the well-maintained paths that are perfect for a relaxing walk to start or end your day.

Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft offer an alternative transportation option for guests at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside heading to Magic Kingdom.


Uber is a ride-hailing service that lets you request a private car directly from your smartphone. To use Uber from Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Uber app on your mobile device.
  2. Open the app and enter Magic Kingdom as your destination.
  3. Select the vehicle option that fits your needs.
  4. Confirm your pickup location at the resort.
  5. Track your ride and meet your driver when they arrive.

Fares for Uber can vary based on time of day and demand. You should check the estimated price in the app before booking.


Lyft operates similarly to Uber and is another popular ride-sharing service. To utilize Lyft to travel from Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside to Magic Kingdom, you can:

  1. Install the Lyft app from your app store.
  2. Launch the app and input your destination as Magic Kingdom.
  3. Choose a ride type that suits your group size and preference.
  4. Confirm your location at Port Orleans – Riverside for pickup.
  5. Wait for your driver and greet them upon their arrival.

Lyft’s pricing structure is similar to Uber’s and includes various factors like traffic and ride demand. Verify the cost on the app before confirming your ride.

Taxi Service Options

A taxi service provides transportation for a fee, typically calculated by the distance traveled. At Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, you can utilize the taxi services for a direct and efficient ride to Magic Kingdom. Mears Taxi is a reputable provider available on the property, offering both standard and wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

To hire a Mears Taxi:

  1. Use the phone available in your hotel room to call and request a cab.
  2. Alternatively, approach the Bell Services desk where a Cast Member can assist you in calling a taxi.
  3. Expect a taxi to arrive within minutes of the request; during busy times, this may take longer.

Taxi fares are metered, and it’s advisable to confirm the estimated cost to Magic Kingdom before beginning your trip. Payment methods include cash, credit cards, or debit cards. Remember to verify the payment methods accepted with your driver prior to departure.

For a seamless experience, it’s recommended to ask for an estimated time of arrival to Magic Kingdom, especially during peak hours or special events, to ensure you arrive at your destination on time. If you require a return trip, schedule a pickup time with your driver or call the taxi service in advance to arrange a pickup from Magic Kingdom.

Parking and Resort Access

Parking at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside is a privilege available exclusively for guests of the Disney Resort Hotel. When you drive to the resort, you will find ample parking close to your room, designed to provide convenience and ease during your stay. Guests are assigned parking spots near their accommodations, typically clustered by building and section.

To access the resort, you must pass through a security checkpoint manned by Disney Security personnel. Your room key or MagicBand will serve as identification and grant you entry. This dual role ensures that only registered guests and their authorized visitors are able to use the parking facilities.

Item Description
Parking Fee Complimentary for guests staying overnight
Visitor Parking Available with limitations; guests may inquire at the front desk
Check-In Verification of stay required for parking access

Upon arriving, proceed to the following:

  1. Check the signage for directing you to the available parking sections.
  2. Present your identification at the security gate for initial access.
  3. Park your vehicle in the designated area corresponding to your room.
  4. If necessary, ask a Cast Member for assistance with parking or directions.

Remember, the roadways are well-marked, and signage will assist in guiding you to your destination within the resort. If you are planning to visit the Magic Kingdom or other parks, complimentary transportation options are available, which include buses that run approximately every 20 minutes. The convenience of Disney’s transportation allows you to enjoy the parks without the need to move your vehicle.

Minnie Van Service

The Minnie Van Service is a private transportation option provided by Disney, allowing guests at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside a direct and efficient way to travel to Magic Kingdom.

1. Book your ride through the Lyft app; simply open the app and select the Minnie Van service option.

2. Confirm pick-up at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside. Expect a cheerful, polka-dotted vehicle to arrive for you.

3. Enjoy the comfort of the spacious van that can accommodate up to six guests. If you’re celebrating a birthday, inform the driver for a special touch to your journey.

4. Travel from the resort, which captures the essence of Mardi Gras, to Magic Kingdom in style, while bypassing typical bus lines.

5. While the service does not directly involve Ol’ Man Island, the central feature of the resort, your travels from this picturesque area will be blessed with the same tranquil vibe.

6. Consult fare estimates in the Lyft app prior to booking to ensure clarity on the service charge.

Note: This service operates within the Walt Disney World Resort, including select destinations like the Magic Kingdom park. It runs from early morning until late at night, aligning with park hours, thus providing flexibility for your adventures.

Car Services

Car services refer to a range of transportation options that utilize cars to transfer passengers from one location to another. If you are staying at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside and need to travel to Magic Kingdom, various car services are available to meet your transportation needs, including those with accessibility accommodations.

Available Car Services:

  • Taxi: Traditional metered taxis can be hailed or booked in advance.
    • Instructions:
      1. Contact the resort concierge to request a taxi.
      2. Provide any necessary accessibility details during booking.
  • Ride Apps:
    • Options: Lyft and Uber are readily accessible through their respective apps.
      • Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible vehicle options are available.
      • Booking Steps:
        1. Open the ride app of your choice.
        2. Input your destination.
        3. Select your desired vehicle option.
        4. Confirm ride details and any necessary accommodations.

Additional Information:

For guests with specific accommodation needs, be sure to confirm the availability of suitable vehicles when booking. Fees for car services vary based on distance, vehicle type, and service provider; rates are subject to change. Peak travel times may affect availability and wait times. Remember to plan and book your ride in advance, especially if you require specific accommodations.


For effective and timely transportation to Magic Kingdom from Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, car services offer convenience and flexibility. Whether you opt for a taxi or a ride-hailing app, ensure to plan accordingly and consider vehicle options that best suit your individual or group accessibility requirements.

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