Will Disney Resorts Will Hold Your Luggage?


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When you head to Walt Disney World, if you’re like us, you try to maximize every moment you have on property and take in as much as you possibly can.

But when it’s check-in day or check-out day, will the Disney Resorts hold your luggage for you?

Yes, Disney Resorts will hold luggage. Guests can store their luggage with Bell Services, located at the front or exterior of each resort, both before check-in or after check-out, allowing you to enjoy the parks without having to lug around their luggage.

But what’s involved?

Is your luggage safe?

What options do you have?

In this article, I’ll cover the different options you have at the Disney Resorts for storing your luggage while you have fun. Plus, I’ll provide some tips on how to best use these services.

Your Disney World Resort Hotel will hold your luggage when you arrive

Disney Resorts understand that arriving at the airport and then having to wait for your room to be ready can be frustrating, especially when you’re eager to start exploring the parks or Disney Springs.

That’s why they offer the option of storing your luggage with Bell Services upon arrival before check-in time. This way, you can drop off your bags and head straight to the parks or Disney Springs without having to wait around for your room to be ready.

Your Disney World Resort Hotel will hold your luggage prior to your departure

Disney Resorts also understand that the last day of a vacation can be bittersweet, especially when you have a late flight and don’t want to lug around your luggage while you take in your last sights and sounds of the theme parks or Disney Springs.

Just like when you arrive you can store your luggage at your resort, they offer the option of storing your luggage with Bell Services after check-out. This way, you can drop off your bags and enjoy your last day by going to the park one last time, grab lunch at Disney Springs or do some final shopping without having to worry about carrying your luggage around.

Bell Services: The Main Option for Storing Luggage

Disney Resorts offer several options for storing luggage conveniently and securely. The primary option is utilizing Bell Services, sometimes known as Luggage Services. Located at the entrance or exterior of each resort, Bell Services takes custody of both large suitcases and smaller carry-on items.

Guests who are arriving before check-in time or those wanting to spend a stressful-free day at the parks after check-out can easily leave their bags with Bell Services. This allows guests to enjoy their visit without having to haul around heavy suitcases from attraction to attraction.

Upon receiving luggage, staff members will safely store it in an area managed by only authorized personnel until guests are ready to pick it up during returns. For further convenience and security, Disney Resorts provide guests with claim tags for each piece of luggage delivered so that guests can return directly for each bag when needed.

How to use Bell Services

Using Bell Services to store your luggage is a simple and easy process. Upon arriving at the resort, you can make your way to the Bell Services desk where a friendly staff member will take in your bags and provide you with a ticket so that you can conveniently retrieve them when needed. If desired, they can also assist with transporting luggage right up to your room without any hassle or inconvenience. To arrange this service, simply call Bell Services from within your room and they will be happy to help.

It’s important to note that bellman services are provided free of charge and all items stored are kept in secure locations under 24-hour surveillance for added peace of mind. All items must be signed in when dropped off, but digital signatures can be used in lieu of an actual signature during pandemic conditions to minimize contact between guests and staff.

At the end of your stay, just remember to collect all tickets before leaving the resort so you don’t leave anything behind! With Bell Service there’s no need for worry – store away all those belongings with ease – it’s as simple as that!

Tips for using Bell Services

When using Bell Services at your hotel, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. To show your appreciation for the assistance you receive, consider tipping the Cast Member who retrieves your bags. Although gratuities are not mandatory, they are a nice gesture and greatly appreciated.

Also, be sure to check the hours of operation of Bell Services before dropping off your luggage. Hours may vary according to the season, so make sure to ask when you arrive at the hotel. Lastly, be aware of which types and how much luggage can be stored at one time. Items such as large or fragile objects should be noted when dropping off your belongings so that additional care will be taken in their storage.

By following these simple tips you can ensure that Bell Services is able to provide its best assistance with retrieving and storing your luggage during your stay!

Luggage storage fees and security measures

If you’re staying at a Disney resort and would like to store your luggage for the day, Bell Services has you covered! Not only is their service free of charge, but they also take the security of your belongings very seriously. They employ surveillance and locks to ensure that your luggage is safe and sound while you explore the park. To be extra sure that there are no hidden fees or charges, it’s always best to double-check with Bell Services beforehand.

When leaving your luggage with them, feel at ease knowing that everything will be secure as you spend time enjoying all that Disney has to offer. With all the fun activities in the parks, being able to leave your bags in one place offers great convenience and peace of mind. And best of all, it’s completely free! So whether it’s just a day trip or an extended stay, rest assured that Bell Services have got you covered.

Special needs or requests

The Bell Services team is available to assist you with all your luggage storage needs. Whether you are staying in one room or multiple, they can store both regular and refrigerated items, as well as any special requests you may have. They will take great care to ensure the safe and secure handling of all your luggage throughout your stay.

If you are travelling on a cruise or connecting flight, Bell Services can also help you accommodate for that by arranging for transportation of your suitcases and personal items accordingly. They will do their best to make sure that all of your items arrive at their destination on time and without any inconvenience or worry to yourself.

No matter what special needs or requests you may have during your stay, whether it’s related to luggage storage, transportation, or otherwise, the Bell Services team is always ready and willing to help make things easier for you. With their commitment to top-notch service and professionalism, they will be more than happy get all the details ready so that you can enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Other options for storing luggage

Disney Resorts offer a variety of options for safely storing guest luggage. Bell Services is a secure option available at all Disney resorts, providing guests with efficient, on-site storage.

Another secure solution is the free Magical Express service which transports guests from the airport to their resort and retrieves their luggage for them upon arrival. The luggage will be delivered to their room within a few hours.

Some resorts even offer the Resort Airline Check-In service which allows guests to check their bags for their flight at the resort and print their boarding pass. This service is free (aside from tipping) but may not be available with all airlines. If none of these services are available, utilizing a personal vehicle to store your luggage is always an option as well.

Regardless of your method of storage, Disney Resorts provide plenty of secure solutions to keep you and your belongings safe while enjoying the magic that Disney has to offer.

Additional information

For convenience, the Bell Services at Disney Resort hotels offer a range of luggage services to guests with evening flights. After check-out, they will hold your luggage for you until you need it. Additionally, by using their Resort Airline Check-In service, you can skip long lines and easily check-in for your flight prior to arriving at the airport. This allows you to check your baggage and receive your boarding pass without having to wait in line at the airport’s check-in desk. It’s an ideal way to save time so that you can make the most out of your vacation.

Take advantage of Disney’s Bell Services to store those items. Simply leave any unnecessary carry-on bags with them and enjoy yourself in the park without any added hindrance or additional stress. When done with sightseeing and exploring attractions, collect your bags from Bell Services quickly before heading off to the airport for takeoff.

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